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We are loving all the new additions to our pink Christmas tree so far this year!!
Sending you all some early Christmas cheer from the PRMA Christmas party!
Many #breastcancer patients who have a #mastectomy will consider #breastreconstruction. For a portion of these women, radiation therapy is also recommended - and that can alter the tissue around the breast, impacting reconstruction efforts.

Implant reconstruction after radiation leads to complications, less satisfaction in breast cancer patients

Considering #DIEPflap #BreastReconstruction? Before choosing a surgeon be sure to ask these questions

Questions to ask your DIEP Flap Surgeon | PRMA Plastic Surgery

Congratulations sweet Mary-Ann on completing your #breastreconstruction journey! We are thrilled for you and blessed to have you as a forever member of our family at PRMA! Welcome to our Pink Ladies Patient Advocate group as well!
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy! Share yours!
Downtown San Antonio is filled with thousands of the greatest brains in the world right now! The 38th annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is expect to have an estimated 7,500 experts from more than 90 countries who are making it their job to fight #breastcancer.

Symposium dedicated to fighting breast cancer

One of our most commonly asked questions: TRAM Flap vs DIEP Flap #BreastReconstruction - What's the Difference?

TRAM Flap vs DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction - What's the Difference? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

Good information to know! Here's the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon: What’s the difference?

Type 2 #diabetes drug may someday help combat #breastcancer #FightForACure

Type 2 diabetes drug may someday help combat breast and ovarian cancers

We love kicking off the week like this! 3 DIEP flap #BreastReconstruction surgeries happening at PRMA today!

#RebuildingLives after #BreastCancer
This is one of the most difficult tasks that physicians perform

This is one of the most difficult tasks that physicians perform

#BreastReconstruction using your own tissue is much safer than implants when radiation is planned after #mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction With Tissue Much Safer Than Implants When Radiation Planned After Mastectomy

Your sex life is an important part of your healing journey and there may be other obstacles related to your #breastcancer treatments to overcome as well. But, after reconstructive surgery you should be able to get back to normal activity quicker than you might think.

Sex After Breast Reconstruction

#FlashbackFriday to PRMA's blog archives: Study shows 98% Of #mastectomy patients would have #breastreconstruction again

98% Of Mastectomy Patients Would Have Reconstruction Again, Study Says

Love hearing these sweet stories from our amazing patients! Happy 2 year #DIEPflap #BreastReconstruction anniversary Terri!
#RebuildingLives after #BreastCancer

Two-Year Post DIEP Anniversary - DiepCjourney

We want you to help us decorate our Christmas tree! Bring by a pink ornament of your choosing or making and place it on our tree to spread a little holiday cheer!