Happy #MothersDay to all our supporters and volunteers!
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Will you be in Marino on Friday, 31st March? If so, why not come along to our public meeting which takes place at 8pm in Carleton Hall, 53a Shelmartin Avenue and find out how you can get involved in the campaign to defend the Eighth Amendment and make Ireland a more welcoming place for mothers and their babies. #LoveBoth
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A great letter in today's Irish Times from Theresa Johnston which highlights how abortion discriminates against babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb.

Could you write a letter to the newspapers supporting families and their babies? Why not put pen to paper today or contact us for information and literature. #loveboth

Down syndrome and the Eighth Amendment

A teenager with Down's syndrome has addressed the United Nations in Geneva to call for more equality.

Down's syndrome teenager addresses the UN in Geneva

Why not take part in this week's Tuesday Task with the LoveBoth Project and give your ideas to help mothers and their babies. #loveboth

How do you think the Government can improve supports for mothers and their babies? – LoveBoth Project

Why not check out today's Tuesday Task on the LoveBoth Project page - click on the link below to let us know how you think the Government should support mothers and their families.

How do you think the Government can improve supports for mothers and their babies? – LoveBoth Project

We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Estlin Wall who lost her life following an accident last week. Estlin's family were generous enough in their grief to donate their little girl's organs so that she could become a lifesaver. May she rest in peace. We also send best wishes for a fast recovery to Estlin's father who was seriously injured in the same crash.

'She can finally rest, she has been so brave' - Mother's pride as girl's organs will save others

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Professor Wendy Savage of the British Medical Association sent shock waves through Britain earlier this weeks with her comments that laws banning sex-selection abortions should be scrapped. Read more below.

Let mothers abort babies of the 'wrong' sex says doctors' ethics boss

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If our laws do not allow children with Down Syndrome to be treated as second class citizens, then the supports they receive must follow suit. This is not happening at present. Today is #WorldDownSyndromeDay. It would be a good time for the Government to commit to doing more.

'My boy (6) is forgotten as we get zero State support'

The LoveBoth Project promotes protection of mother and baby in pregnancy and highlights the many people alive today because of Ireland's 8th Amendment.

Love Both - Protect the 8th

Good luck to #TeamIreland who are on their way to the Winter Special Olympics in #Austria2017

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Yesterday, #Strike4Repeal activists protested outside RTE because they were angry at the coverage given to the Strike on the National Broadcaster. We feel they should have been delivering chocolates and flowers instead of protesting!
Five-month-old Oliver Dunn, from Nampan in Idaho, has such long hair his parents Angie and Brian are already considering taking him for his first trim as it's so long and sticks up on end.

Hairy baby has a five inch quiff