Profmed Medical Scheme
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What does your growing family member look like and when will you feel him or her move? Find out on our baby blog: [ Link ]
Profmed Medical Scheme
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Are you in the 4th year of your degree? Apply now for outstanding student cover from us: [ Link ]
Do you have any queries about your Profmed plan? Chat to us live online or from the Profmed App. Click here: [ Link ]
Late Joiner Penalties, funds and Contributions. Our CEO, Graham Anderson, discusses why Medical Schemes need a revamp: [ Link ]
Have you activated your Multiply Starter Rewards through Profmed yet? You can also upgrade to 'Provider' or 'Premium' to receive even greater benefits. Call 0861 100 789.
Find out exactly what a Profmed medical cover will cost you and your dependants per plan. Use our Contribution Calculator now: [ Link ]
Could you be carrying your baby wrong? This could result in hip dysplasia. Find out more on our baby blog: [ Link ]
One of the many great benefits of being a Profmed member is having the peace of mind that you have Unlimited Hospital Cover. Find out more: [ Link ]
Our Annual Stress Index is out, find out what the leading cause of stress in 2016 was for professionals: [ Link ]
Forming important neural pathways early on stimulates brain growth in a baby's formative years. Read more about stimulation and development: [ Link ]
Today is Peanut Butter Day and not only is it a delicious snack it has incredible health benefits too. Find out why you should eat more peanut butter: [ Link ]
Stay up to date with your medical scheme rates and benefits by reading through the 2017 Benefits webpage. Click here to see what they are: [ Link ]
1 in 2000 people are genetically predisposed to have Synaesthesia. Are you one of them? Kaitlyn Hova, a Neuroscientist with audio synaesthesia explains what this means to her.

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The Synesthesia Network | Kaitlyn Hova | TEDxOmaha

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this talk and musical performance, Kaitlyn Hova opens up the exp...

As a Profmed member you automatically qualify for the Multiply 'Starter' Rewards Programme. To receive even greater benefits upgrade to 'Provider' or 'Premier'. Call 0861 100 789.
After the festive season indulging it's a good idea to get back into a healthy eating regime to avoid diseases like Type 2 diabetes. Here are some indicators that you may be at risk and should visit your GP.
Don't be overwhelmed by your toddler's first day of school. Consider these 9 tips to make the transition a smooth one for baby and you: [ Link ]
Find out what rates and benefits you would get with Profmed by using our quick and easy Contribution Calculator: [ Link ]
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The festive season excitement is over but the school holidays aren't. Try some of these fun and cost effective activities to make the most of the outdoors this summer: [ Link ]
New year's is a great marker to track a change you make in your life, yet we all tend to fall off the wagon within a few months. Start the new year with determination and these 10 tips to sticking to your resolutions: [ Link ]