Profmed Medical Scheme
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Why does medical scheme legislation need a revamp? Learn here: [ Link ]
Follow this sleep expert’s advice on how to deal with your toddler’s separation anxiety at bedtime: [ Link ]
Stay in touch while on the move and ensure that your family always has access to Scheme information at their fingertips. Download the Profmed app today: [ Link ]
Make sure you include these important foods and vitamins in your diet during the third trimester: [ Link ]

5 Important Nutrients You Need in Your Third Trimester | Profmed
Here are 8 types of breastfeeding positions you should try! Via @youbabyandi: [ Link ]

8 types of breastfeeding positions you should try!
Did you know that getting the right balance of fatty acids helps your baby's brain development and growth? Learn more here: [ Link ]
5 Tips to prevent kidney problems & diseases. #WorldKidneyDay
Are you struggling to win your baby bedtime battle? Here are 3 tips that can help: [ Link ]
Did you know? All our benefit options cover dentists' consultations and procedures. Now that's something to smile about.
We know that you are time-starved, and that's why we aim to make the claims procedure as user-friendly and painless as possible. Find out more: [ Link ]
Did you know? All Profmed members have automatic access to Multiply Starter, at no cost —offering you a number of exciting rewards and discounts on certain products. Click here for more info: [ Link ]
It's International Strawberry Day, celebrate by purchasing a punnet and enjoying the health benefits they offer.
What does your growing family member look like and when will you feel him or her move? Find out on our baby blog: [ Link ]
Are you in the 4th year of your degree? Apply now for outstanding student cover from us: [ Link ]
Do you have any queries about your Profmed plan? Chat to us live online or from the Profmed App. Click here: [ Link ]
Late Joiner Penalties, funds and Contributions. Our CEO, Graham Anderson, discusses why Medical Schemes need a revamp: [ Link ]
Have you activated your Multiply Starter Rewards through Profmed yet? You can also upgrade to 'Provider' or 'Premium' to receive even greater benefits. Call 0861 100 789.
Find out exactly what a Profmed medical cover will cost you and your dependants per plan. Use our Contribution Calculator now: [ Link ]
Could you be carrying your baby wrong? This could result in hip dysplasia. Find out more on our baby blog: [ Link ]
One of the many great benefits of being a Profmed member is having the peace of mind that you have Unlimited Hospital Cover. Find out more: [ Link ]