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Six data visualizations that explain the #plasticpollution problem #infographic #DiveAgainstDebris

Six data visualizations that explain the plastic problem

#YearInReview 2016: ⚡ Relive all the #Divers4SharksNRays ???? action from CITES #CoP17 with #TwitterMoments

#Divers4SharksNRays Speak Out

When #FlatSharkFriday is #Friday13th - A #scary fact for you to share: Over 1/2 of Mediterranean's shark and ray species are 'at risk of extinction': [ Bit.ly Link ] - Spread the word and take action for their protection!
This #Friday13th enjoy a slideshow of bizarre and beautiful #deepsea creatures including the rare and scary looking ghost shark!

PHOTOS: Bizarre and beautiful deep sea creatures recorded by MBARI

Now more than ever, our ocean depends on divers coming together to speak out and take action for its protection. Can we count you in?

Project AWARE Reflects on Ocean Conservation Efforts in 2016

“We cannot truly protect our planet without protecting our ocean” - Barack Obama #quoteoftheday #ObamaFarewell
#WednesdayWisdom: Use your dive skills to understand the challenges facing our ocean and take action to protect it. Discover how you can dive in with Project AWARE: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Can't wait for a screening near you? The long awaited documentary #APlasticOcean is now available for pre-order from the iTunes store. Watch the trailer and take action against #plasticpollution: [ Youtu.be Link ]

A Plastic Ocean on iTunes

Planning a dive trip in 2017? Dive in with dive centres and dive instructors who take ocean protection to heart [ Bit.ly Link ] #TravelTuesday

Join 100% AWARE | Project AWARE

Marathon runners, now is your chance to join Project AWARE Foundation's #Finathon team in the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Contact us to register!

Fundraise for the Ocean with the 2017 Chicago Marathon | Project AWARE

Love the ocean? Make sure one of your #NewYearsResolutions is to follow Project AWARE's #10Tips4Divers [ Bit.ly Link ]

Pledge to follow Project AWARE's 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet | Project AWARE

So apparently there was some confusion this week about the difference between dolphins and sharks! Sharks have gills, dolphins don’t #EndofStory #TheBachelor #KnowYourShark - Blog post by David Whysharksmatter Shiffman

Bachelor contestant wears a shark costume and calls it a dolphin costume

How do you tell spotted eagle rays apart? Eagle rays' spectacular patterns are more than just beautiful — they’re unique. #FlatSharkFriday #PhotoIdentification #CitizenScience

Fingerprinting a Spotted Eagle Ray

#WednesdayWisdom: "Do more of what makes you happy"
... and so the 2017 adventure begins! Hands up if you're ready to do your part for a clean and healthy ocean #TurtleTuesday #DiveAgainstDebris:
Where will be your first dive of 2017? Make it count for ocean conservation #DiveAgainstDebris
Some friendly advice from the ocean to kick off 2017! Happy #NewYear everyone! #NewYearResolutions
#YearInReview 2016: It's not all doom and gloom! Positive actions can change the big picture. In 2017, be an agent of positive change for the ocean with Project AWARE: #OceanOptimism

5 reasons it might be OK to be optimistic about our oceans

As 2016 draws to a close, our EU partner and friends at Seas at Risk ask the question: What does the US Election mean for the ocean? [ Bit.ly Link ] #YearInReview #NewYear #NewChallenges - Photo from Discover Ocean

Trump, the EU and the Ocean | Project AWARE