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Stop at nothing, just like our Star Sports Pro Kabaddi heroes! #MondayMotivation
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From being champions, to falling off their perch, to reaching the finals again – Jaipur Pink Panthers have see-sawed their way through Star Sports Pro Kabaddi. Let’s relive their journey!
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If you’re sure you’ve dismissed the other team’s guy, point to the sky with flair and joy!
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These two defending giants have blocked everything in their way in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi! Which of these stars is a raider’s worst nightmare?
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Time to test your kabaddi knowledge yet again in #FridayFun! Which of these superstars is the top-scoring raider in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi?
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Expect the unexpected – that’s what Star Sports Pro Kabaddi is all about!
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In this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, watch Ajay Thakur take a leaf from the ‘Jasvir Singh Book of Raiding’!
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Attack, attack, attack! One of the more aggressive teams, Telugu Titans have come close, but failed to win the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi title! Here’s their journey so far…
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Bengal Warriors’ Jang Kun Lee and Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club’s Meraj Sheykh are two of the brightest foreign stars in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi! Here’s how their numbers match-up!
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Tag a friend who is madly in love with Star Sports Pro Kabaddi! #ValentinesDay
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Play to win – just like Manjeet Chhillar! #MondayMotivation
After coming close in the first two seasons, Patna Pirates clinched not one, but 2 Star Sports Pro Kabaddi titles in 2016! Here’s their journey so far…
There are no ‘off days’ when you want to be the best in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi! Tag a colleague who shares similar work ethics!
Yeh Dono Hai Alag Alag, but there's one thing similar between Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club’s Kashi and Patna Pirates' Pardeep – they're both super raiders!
They’re all fast and super strong too, but can you spot the odd one among these 8 Star Sports Pro Kabaddi heroes? #FridayFun
After reaching the final in the first 3 Star Sports Pro Kabaddi seasons and winning the coveted trophy in the 2nd edition, U Mumba lost their way last time around. Here’s a look at their journey so far…
In today’s #ThrowbackThursday, we look back at the time when Nitin Madane tried to fly, but the Bengaluru Bulls left him high and dry!
Tag that buddy who doesn’t need words to understand what you’re saying!
‘Anna’ and Sandeep have matched each other in every aspect of the game over the past 4 Star Sports Pro Kabaddi seasons. Who would you pick in your team?
Jasvir Singh and Dharmaraj Cheralathan were all smiles before the Season 4 final, but what do you think must have been going through their minds?