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Lizzy Smira
Cher Base
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Rainbow sprinkle or a chocolate explosion drip cake?
Rainbow sprinkle or a chocolate explosion drip cake

Choose 7 Cakes And We'll Tell You How Many Fucks You Give
Kate Pisan
Jess Schultz
Rachael Horton
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Invisible Cake from our friends at Tasty Japan (LIKE them for more COOL & authentic Japanese cuisine)
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Diarmuid Murphy
Leia Dhoro
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David McAuley
Salma Khan
Leah Shade
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Rochelle Luff
Joshua K. Deakins
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Rice Cooker Upside Down Cake (via Tasty Japan)
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Sulagna Datta
Sas Wyville
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Christian Kern
Iris Romein
Jess Lambert
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Tabitha Riggins
Louise Bugier
Maia Sitter
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Julia Krumsiek
Alexandre Deedler
Christopher Rotherham
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Vernon Vrolijk
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Thibault Liessi
Louce Douce Manitou
Enjoy one of these 4 Prosecco Cocktails in your #Eurovision party.

Tag a friend in the comments you'd like to drink one with.
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Sara Chinderle Iwaniuk
Sanne Schmidt
Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese... Yes, please. (Via Tasty Vegetarian)
Dave Rahn
Erica Lee Blumeyer
Michael April Rittenberry
☁ ☁ Try these Cloud Eggs to brighten up your day! ☁ ☁
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Jo Preston
Jamie Burns
Double Chocolate-Stuffed Mini Churros (Mini Churros Rellenos de Chocolate)
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Denis Christian Tonicello
Donna Lou Winterbottom
Umm, what!? ☁ bread is a thing!?! Have you seen this yet? (via Tasty)
Fabio Sousa
Randy Sheppard
Jennifer Mullen
Cheesy Pretzel 'Corn' Dogs perfect for #Eurovision night :)
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Kew Suam
Babetta Mann
Try out some amazing themed cocktails at Alice's Adventures Underground in London
Aya No
Jo Bevan
Natalie Landau
Destiny Dwyer
Emma Crawford
Celebrate #Eurovision with these Saucy Swedish Meatball Subs #ESC2017
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Becci Swatridge
Sofia Staaf