An important reminder of what we're protecting - media that makes a difference in the lives of Americans. #PresidentsDay #ProtectPublicMedia

Dear Mister Rogers, What Would You Do if You Were President?
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Cheers to Julia Child, the public media host who taught us to cook (and love doing it!). What have you learned from your local public TV and radio stations?
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Love is ALWAYS on the air. Take a moment to thank your local #pubmedia stations for the work they do every day ➜ [ Link ] #LoveIsOnTheAir

Send Your Stations A Love Note
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Found our next public radio podcast binge on WIRED's top 6! What's next on your #pubradio podcast bucket list?

6 Essential Podcasts for News, Tech, and Political Junkies
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Do you <3 LOVE <3 public media? Don't forget to sign the valentine for your local stations β₯ #LoveIsOnTheAir

Be Our Valentine
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Love is... educational cartoons for the kids, trustworthy morning news for the commute, and so much more. If you <3 LOVE <3 your local stations, sign the valentine β₯ #LoveIsOnTheAir

Show Your Local Stations You Care
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<3 Show your public radio & TV stations you care by signing the valentine <3 ➜
It's the last day to resolve to #ProtectPublicMedia. We're building a strong case to protect federal funding based on your submissions. The more we have, the better story we can tell. Get started ➀ [ Link ]

Resolve to Protect Public Media in 2017
It's never too late to start working on your New Year's resolutions. Resolve to #ProtectPublicMedia for generations to come ➀ [ Link ]

Resolve to Protect Public Media in 2017
We’ve received over 950 impactful stories from public media advocates like you already, so we’ve extended the campaign for just one more week! If you haven't already, RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia by Friday ➜

Resolve to #ProtectPublicMedia in 2017
β€œI’m really pleased to see [KGOU-FM] expand into other areas. A lot of smaller communities like Ada and Seminole have not historically had service and now do.” -- Congressman Tom Cole

Did you know? Public media reaches portions of the US that often do not have access to other broadcasting outlets. Another great reason to join Congressman Cole in supporting public media ➜

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
If your local TV and radio stations have had a meaningful impact on your household, make sure to share why you RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia in 2017 ➜

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
Resolving to #ProtectPublicMedia in 2017 is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Go to & upload a picture.
2. Record a video about why you love your local stations or submit a written resolution.
3. Invite your friends to do the same!

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
The best part of waking up is... public media!
If your local stations play an important role in your morning routine, make sure to RESOLVE to keep them safe in 2017 ➜ [ Link ] #ProtectPublicMedia

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
Celebrate Music Monday by resolving to keep your local public radio music stations safe in 2017 ➜ [ Link ] #ProtectPublicMedia

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
Have you resolved to protect your local public radio & television stations this year? It's not too late ➜ [ Link ] #ProtectPublicMedia

RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia
From helping kids get ready to learn to keeping us informed on local issues, public television and radio stations are media outlets that are making a difference in communities nationwide. Please sign-up for alerts on how you can protect your stations this year ➜ [ Link ]
Public radio and television stations connect us to our communities and our country. Resolve to protect them today ➜ [ Link ] #ProtectPublicMedia
Public media is a tiny part of the federal budget with a HUGE impact. Share why you value your stations and RESOLVE to #ProtectPublicMedia in 2017 β†’ [ Link ]

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