Do you agree with Ben Carson on this?
Would you like to see Michelle Obama run for office one day?
These ladies watched an elderly army veteran literally get eaten alive and didn't even break a sweat. Decide for yourselves if justice was served.

Women Watch As Vet Is Brutally Eaten Alive; Should They Get The Death Penalty?
YES or NO: Will Trump be a better president than Obama?
This is just a regular picture of a mother clutching her young son, right? Wrong. Take a closer look.

'Cute' Photo Of Mom And Baby Isn't What It Seems; Take A Closer Look... Do You See It? (Photo)
When people found out who is advising Trump, they were simply outraged. Do you think he made the wrong decision?

Trump's Relationship With One Of The Most Hated Men In America Sparks Enormous Controversy
Four police officers stopped by Outback Steakhouse for a quick bite. From the moment they entered the restaurant, they could immediately feel the eyes of the employees on their uniforms. Still, nobody did anything out of the ordinary. Finally, when it came time to pay the bill, the officers noticed something scribbled on their receipt.

Outback Employees Leave Note On Officers' Receipt (Photo)
A few months ago a story broke about a girl who fled from Europe to join ISIS. Now, we know what happened to her before her death. Let's just say it was so much worse than we thought.

The Bloody, Brutal Fate Of 'ISIS Poster Girl' Revealed
These Obama staffers were left stunned when Trump told them exactly what would happen to them.

Obama Officials Shocked When President Trump Tells Them What He's Going To Do With Them
This man raped a baby who later ended up dying. Instead of him serving time in prison for his crime, a public hanging is now an option. There's only one way that'll happen, though.

Baby Raping Killer Could Be Publicly Hanged - Under One Condition
Just before leaving office, President Obama had some surprising words for Trump.

Obama Sparks Outrage For What He Said To President Trump
This husband cut off his wife's hands for not birthing him any children. Then the doctor informed them why they weren't able to get pregnant.

Man Slices Off Wife's Hands For Not Bearing Him Children, Then Learns Why She Can't Get Pregnant
This SNL writer took to her Twitter account and sent out something truly awful. Do you think she went too far?

'SNL' Writer Sends Shocking Tweet About Barron Trump; Did She Go Too Far? (Photo)
Some people are very unhappy with what Obama did right before he left office. Do you think he did the right thing?

3 Days Before He Left Office, Obama Spent Millions Of Tax-Payer Money On One Controversial Cause
This married guy met a pretty young blonde and decided to have a fun night with her. The next morning, when he woke up, he was missing something very, very important.

Married Guy Seduced By Young Woman, Wakes Up Missing Very Important Body Part
When Americans discovered who was at Trump's inauguration, many were extremely unhappy.

Americans Outraged After Discovering Trump's Secret Relationship
When the Obamas left office, Americans assumed they would stay out of the limelight. Well, about that...

Just Days After Leaving Office, The Obamas Make Unexpected Announcement
This brother agreed to watch his sister’s boyfriend’s child. It didn't seem like a big deal. Neither the sister nor the boyfriend ever returned to pick the child up. One day later, the man was skimming Facebook when he got the shock of a lifetime.

Brother Agrees To Babysit His Sister's Boyfriend's Kid, Later Discovers Sister Left Out One Tiny Detail