Prominent presidential historian Doug Brinkley says Trump is off to a worse start than any president in history. Do you think he's right?

Trump Has Worst Ever Start As President, Historian Says
Yes or no: Are the Clintons criminals?
Yes or no: Will Donald Trump be a successful president?
It looks like Michelle Obama's signature achievement might get completely repealed. Is this good or bad news for America?
His mom called Ollie down to inform him a package had arrived, but to keep it outside. She followed him outside, and before he could finish opening it, he jumped backwards in shock.

Man With Down Syndrome Is Told Not To Open Delivery Inside, Screams β€˜Oh My God’ When He Rips Into It
A popular reality star was found dead in his home. He had been diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and was not wearing an oxygen mask when he went to bed. He is survived by his wife and six children.

Popular Reality Star Dead At 46, Leaves Behind Wife And 6 Kids
911 dispatchers were concerned when they got a call from this little girl. She was in the back seat of her car and said, "I'm scared." That's when she revealed what she was staring at in the front seat in front of her.

911 Dispatchers Get Call, Person On Line Says: 'I'm Scared.' Then They Realize What's Happening.
The FBI just made a huge discovery about what Donald Trump did to Hillary Clinton during the election. This is not good.

FBI Makes Massive Discovery Regarding What Trump Did In Election
Congress just passed a major new drug testing law. Are you for against this?
Rapper Bow Wow sparked controversy after threatening to "pimp" Melania Trump in a tweet last week. Now, he's paying a serious price for it.

Bow Wow Pays Price For Threat To Pimp First Lady
It looks like there's actually chance that this one person might run against Donald Trump in 2020, and a lot of people are going to be really pissed off about it.

Here's Who Might Run Against President Trump In The Next Election
#BREAKING: The state of Mississippi just banned sanctuary cities. Do you support the decision?
A woman felt some strange slime land on her legs. That's when she realized what the passenger

Woman Feels Slime On Her Legs, Turns Around, Realizes It's...
This man's wife thought he should go to the doctor, but he decided to take matters into his own hands instead. Well, this was the end result.

Man's Finger Was Swelling Up Like Crazy, So He Decided To Take Matters Into His Own Hands
Almost 100% of Trump voters say they'd vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton again in a heartbeat. Would you vote the same way again?

Poll: Vast Majority Of Trump Voters Don't Regret Their Vote At All
This photo of a London terror attack victim is going viral after people realized who was walking by in that exact moment.

Photo Goes Viral After People Realize What Woman Who Walked By Terror Victim Was Doing (Photo)
An NSA official just said President Trump is going to "die in prison" - and the reason why is alarming.

IC Official Says President Trump 'Will Die In Prison' For One Thing
This man raped a 10-year-old girl more than 20 times over the course of several months. As if the sexual assault in itself wasn't horrific enough, cops were left stunned after discovering the foreplay that the sick pervert forced on his victim beforehand.

Man Rapes Girl For Months, Police Disturbed To Discover His Disgusting 'Foreplay'