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President Trump just showed one of his top advisers that if you mess with his kid, you'll suffer the consequences.

Trump Fires National Security Adviser After What He Said About Ivanka
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This bride-to-be had a one-stand with a dwarf stripper at her bachelorette party. Approximately 9 months later, while watching his wife give birth, the husband got the biggest shock of his life.

Husband Whose New Wife Had One Night Stand With Dwarf Stripper Gets Shock Of His Life 9 Months Later
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A hard-working farmer had an idea with the sole purpose of improving people's lives. He went on Shark Tank with it - only to be mocked mercilessly. Here's how he responded.

Innocent Farmer Mocked During 'Shark Tank' Pitch, He Responds Accordingly (Video)
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Secret Service agents were as shocked as anyone when they discovered exactly who threw this wooden block at President Trump's motorcade as it drove by.

Officials Can't Believe Who Threw Wood At President Trump
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A few months after Vice President Mike Pence was booed at a Broadway show, Hillary Clinton thought she'd be going out for a nice night at the theater and be treated differently. She never expected this welcome as soon as she stepped in the theater.

Hillary Clinton Receives Surprising Crowd Reaction At Theater (Video)
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This mom got a call from the cops. The officer gave her explicit instructions: Get down here with your daughter - and don't tell your husband where you're going. When they arrived at the police station, the police handed her a letter.

Mom And Daughter's Worst Nightmare Comes True After Being Called To Police Station (Video)
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When Ivanka Trump posted what she thought was just this cute picture of her baby on social media, she couldn't have imagined people would immediately notice this one thing about it.

Internet Users Notice One Thing About Ivanka's Baby Son In Viral Image (Photos)
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As Melania Trump stood before a crowd in Florida, she suddenly looked down and said these simple words that are sparking outrage among a lot of people.

Melania Trump Sparks Backlash After Reciting This At Rally (Video)
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The veteran was hit by a roadside bomb and was awarded $1.6 million in compensation. However, he could now lose it all due to one unfortunate reason.

Brain-Damaged Veteran Loses Nearly All His Medical Care Funds For One Simple Reason
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The woman indicated to the cop she was going to go a bit further because she didn't want to stop on an abandoned street. It turned out to be a horrible decision.

Woman Refuses To Pull Over On Abandoned Street For Cop Because She Felt Unsafe, Pays The Price
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This wife suspected her husband was up to no good, so she set up a secret camera. One day, when he was out of the house, she sat down and reviewed the footage. When she saw what had been recorded, she immediately ran over to the phone, picked it up and called 911.

Wife Sets Up Secret Camera, Catches Husband Doing Something Awful - Turns Him In
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This dad found a naked intruder in his home, ran outside, flagged down the police and brought them inside. There was just one problem.

Dad Tries To Get Police To Arrest Naked Intruder In His Home, Discovers He Isn't An Intruder
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The woman was in a Walmart and went to use the restroom. However, right before she was about to leave, two employees said something to her that left her at a loss for words.

Cancer Survivor Left In Disbelief By How Wal-Mart Employees Treated Her
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The burns were so bad that they covered 99 percent of his body. He later died from the injuries. However, his final words meant so much more than he could have imagined.

Boy Who Was Raped, Tied To Tree And Set On Fire Gets Justice Thanks To Final Words On Deathbed
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The man saw the SUV flip over multiple times and ran over to see if he could help. When he looked under the car, though, he was shocked at what he found.

Man Climbs Under An SUV That Had Flipped Over 10 Times, Makes Unexpected Discovery (Photos)
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This woman was pulled over for a routine stop. She was asked to exit her vehicle and wait while an officer searched it. Instead, she tried to escape. An officer caught up with her. Rather than going down quietly, she bit his arm. It wasn't until they tested her saliva that they realized the severity of what she had done.

Woman Bites Police Officer During Routine Stop, Test Of Her Saliva Reveals Disturbing Truth
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These folks decided to paint their home. Their neighbors hated it so much, they began threatening to kill them. Here is a photo of the newly-painted home. Decide for yourselves if it's really that bad.

Couple Gets Death Threats Over Color They Painted Their Home (Photos)
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Just when you thought the story of the girl who had sex with 25 boys in the school bathroom couldn't get any worse, it does.

Story Of Teen Girl Accused Of Having Sex At School Goes From Bad To Worse
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An officer was getting gas when she noticed a car parked facing the car wash but not moving. She could faintly make out a man and woman inside, but she couldn't see what they were doing. She decided to see what was wrong - and that's when she saw it.

Officer Notices Parked Car Near Car Wash, Investigates, Makes Troubling Find
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This mom was inside preparing a birthday cake for her son when all of a sudden - boom. First she saw the blood outside. Then she saw her son in tears. And then she realized what happened.

Little Boy Left In Tears On His Birthday After Unexpected Encounter With Police