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Psiertje Boukhit
yesterday at 15:44. Facebook
We kept mailing for a year now, and he has been a supporting fan. But actually I am a fan of his art now!
Best beat boxer in Town "Amman, Jordan"

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Psiertje Boukhit
01/14/2017 at 09:26. Facebook
Very powerful to see this area , The HolyLand.
(The old hajj destination that moved to Mecca Almokarrameh)

#Palestine #Jerusalem #Jordan

Wanna see more? [ Goo.gl Link ]
Psiertje Boukhit
01/12/2017 at 10:08. Facebook
Psssssst, we can all use some sun & palm trees in our lives......
Psiertje Boukhit
01/11/2017 at 10:33. Facebook
On my way on my waaaaay Jordaniaaaa i am coming for ya "Amman" ✈

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#Airport #Travelling #Arabia
Psiertje Boukhit
01/10/2017 at 09:31. Facebook
Serious inspirational music talks with Mr. Kbiri!
Always a plus, if somebody understands your music vision.....

#SharingThoughts #MusicProducer
Psiertje Boukhit
01/09/2017 at 10:05. Facebook
Video-Mixtape #9 is coming your waaaaay!!
The tissues were my best friend while recording with the Fluuu! #sick ❤
One of those moments you will always cherish
Fun times with Mister Jackson ( Michael Jackson ) ❤
We don't stop, we don't know how to stop.....
Because this is what we live for....
Goodmorning from me and mister giraffe "zarāfah".... ❤❤
Push yourself nobody is going to do it for you !
Let's have a sweaty Monday
I know it's been a while but I am BACK!!!

Happy New Year to all of you, wishing you all the best, luck and health!
A brand new year where I will continue my adventure on the music road!

To all my supporters who have been showing me love I SEE YOU! ‘Know what you are doing, love what you are doing and most important BELIEVE in what you are doing’ ❤❤❤❤
Cold Sundaaaaaay morning out here let's warm up with some fresh waffles before we rock this day... ✌
Whooooo doesn't like to play gamessss ?!
Music break, world OFF.....GAME time ON

Have a great weekend ❤
Pssssst.... Mawwning
Ready for the weekend at my magic playground!

#Spaceship #Music !!
Back Home in Holland !!

Once again; "Had a beautiful time in Jordan thanks to the lovely people around me!" ❤❤

Let's Smasssh the last month of 2016 ....
What a night ooooh what a night!!
Amman Jordan , you were Amazing thank you sooooooo much! ❤❤❤

#Femaledj #Canvas #Amman
Random Panna Knock out with the boys on the streets in the Middle East!!! ✌❤
Tonight catch me playing at #Canvas looking forward to see you all there! ????

#Jordan #Amman #Femaledj #Music
MUSIC Check, suitecase Check!
Flying to one of the most beautiful city that is build on seven hills... Amman "Jordan" ❤

Catch me playing this Friday "CANVAS"
After a full music day and meetings time to pack my baggssss..... Not a fan of flying but heeeee if you wanna see a beautiful country I have to be ...... Ssssssst

#Femaledj #Canvas #Arabia