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Looking for a better treatment plan? All signs point to calling your derm. Have an honest conversation with him or her about the best options for managing psoriasis. If you still need a derm, find one here: [ Link ]
Even if winter is not really over—you earned this. Share your accomplishment!
Who are you grateful to have in your support network? Share the love (and the luck) with someone special.
For someone with psoriasis, skin clearance is the ultimate liberation. If you’ve achieved clearer skin, what are you doing to maintain it?
Losing an hour doesn’t mean your to-do list got any shorter. If improved skin clearance is at the top, talk to your doctor about other treatment options. Get prepared for your conversation with a free Beneath the Surface kit: [ Link ]

Free Psoriasis Kit |
With all the winter challenges that you shared, what inspired you to get-up-and-go on the tough days?
Take the first step in getting informed about psoriatic arthritis (PsA) by completing the symptom quiz here: [ Link ]. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your results.
Of all the words related to psoriasis, there’s one that will never be found—contagious. Psoriasis can resemble a rash, but is not contagious or an infection.
Author John Updike wrote about learning to love and accept himself while living with psoriasis. Tell us about your journey of self-acceptance with psoriasis.
If there was an award for acting like everything is OK, how many of you would be nominated? What stops you from being honest with others about the impact that psoriasis has on your life?
Does the cold, dry air of winter make your psoriasis worse? Use the Beneath the Surface kit to track skin symptoms throughout the year. Order your free kit today: [ Link ]

Free Psoriasis Kit |
We’ve heard from you that some days with psoriasis are far from easy. If today is one of those days, we hope this makes you smile. Share with someone who could use a pick-me-up.
Misdiagnosis is common for patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), as its symptoms are similar to diseases such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis. Learn if what you are experiencing is similar to the symptoms of PsA by taking the symptom quiz, and then discuss the results with your doctor.

Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms Quiz | Get Results to Share With Your Doctor
Some of you have expressed feeling isolated and lonely living with a chronic disease. Other people in this community have been through similar struggles—have you connected with anyone here? Share your psoriasis story or just say hello.
Share some love with the ones who accept and love you just the way you are.
Got your Beneath the Surface kit? Use the info and tools to start learning, tracking symptoms, and managing your psoriasis. Don’t have a kit? Order your free kit now. [ Link ]
We send your Beneath the Surface kit to you right away because we’re all about getting you the info you need to keep moving forward.
A journey starts with a single step. Start yours when you order the Beneath the Surface Kit. What happens next? Stay tuned. [ Link ]

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What symptoms did you start feeling that made you think that you had psoriatic arthritis (PsA)? For those of you who are undiagnosed, we suggest that you take the symptom quiz to learn if your symptoms are potentially related to PsA, then discuss the results with your doctor.

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Many of you have mentioned finding it difficult to talk to friends and family about your psoriasis journey. They may want to support you, but don’t know how. Any advice for bringing up the subject with loved ones? Check out this link for tips: [ Link ]

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