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Syed explores the world of internet-based humanist machines, providing a chapter download on the genesis of the customizable mind machine.

Myth to Medicine: Intelligent Internet-Based Humanist Machines
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Editor of Cognition, Steven Sloman, talks to Paul Blezard at the Oxford Literacy Festival next Wednesday, 29th at 12-1pm.

[ Link ]

Steven Sloman Interviewed by Paul Blezard - The Knowledge Illusion - 29 Mar 2017 - Oxford Literary Festival
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Child Abuse & Neglect is looking for submissions on a new special issue focusing on Measurement of Child Maltreatment.

Child maltreatment is an important, complex construct and the field thus far has employed a variety of approaches in capturing the nature of child abuse and its influence on a myriad of outcomes.

Read more on how to submit your papers here: [ Link ]

Call for papers: Special Issue on Measurement of Child Maltreatment
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The study found that 14-year-old adolescents who had contact with mental health services had a greater decrease in depressive symptoms than those without contact.

Teenagers Who Access Mental Health Services See Significant Improvements
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We are delighted to be sponsoring The Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, Texas.

We would like to offer a selection of Special Issues for your reading pleasure ahead of the biennial meeting on April 6 - 8, 2017.

[ Link ]

SRCD Reading Material
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What happens when identical twins marry non-twin individuals? We explore this with a complimentary download of "Twin Spouses and Unrelated Look-Alikes: New Views" from "Twin Mythconceptions" by Nancy Segal. #twinning

Twins Spouses and Unrelated Look-Alikes
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Do you have talent? According to Joseph Renzulli’s three ring-model individuals must have above average intelligence (or talent), high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity.

The Gifted and the Talented - The Joys and Perils of Training Talent
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"Getting Your Paper Published: The Peer Review Process"
Workshop & Panel Discussion on 5th April, 4-6.30pm. [ Link ]

Register for Author Journal Publishing Workshop Survey
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Author and neuroscience guru, George Paxinos, explains how there is no room for the soul in contemporary psychology and study of the brain.

Why Psychology Lost Its Soul: Everything Comes from the Brain | SciTech Connect
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Can #MedicalMarijuana Treat MS Symptoms? It’s Hard for Researchers to Find Out [ Link ] #multiplesclerosis

Can Marijuana Treat MS Symptoms? It's Hard for Researchers to Find Out
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We are delighted to announce the new Editor-in-Chief of Personality and Individual Differences, Donald H. Saklofske, who has taken on the role as of January this year.

Dr Saklofske is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, and is chair of the Personality and Measurement area. His research interests include intelligence, personality, individual...
View details ⇨

NEW Personality and Individual Differences Editorial Board
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Addictive Behaviors is now accepting submissions for a special issue, Ambulatory Assessment of Addictive Disorders.

Ambulatory assessment broadly refers to a number of remote monitoring techniques, including ecological momentary assessment (EMA), used to intensively study behavior in naturalistic settings.

For more information on how to submit your papers, read here: [ Link ]

CALL FOR PAPERS: Addictive Behaviors
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'Identifying and understanding the determinants and physical activity behaviour change processes for people with mental health issues’

Mental Health and Physical Activity are seeking submissions of your papers for Behaviour Change Processes Special Issue.

This Special Issue will include academic papers that advance our understanding of the factors that influence physical activity (and...
View details ⇨

Behaviour Change Processes Special Issue - Mental Health and Physical Activity
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Have you registered for our how to get published workshop at #ICPS17 in March?
Book your place here: [ Link ]

ICPS Publishing Workshop
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Women are almost twice as likely to experience anxiety as men

Women and People Under the Age of 35 at Greatest Risk of Anxiety
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Why are so many educators and researchers disillusioned about the impact of educational technology and virtual learning environments?

Why hasn't Online Learning Transformed Higher Education?
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An important question in nocturia is: do patients awake by the need to void, or do they void after being awaken for some other reasons? Will there be a true answer? On World Sleep Day 2017, Friday March 17, Professor Bliwise dicusses this topic on the basis of two papers bearing relevance to each hypothesis.

WSD 2017 | Nocturia Resource Centre
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View the audio slides from a recent article 'That wasn't our deal: A psychological contract perspective on employee responses to bullying' in Journal of Vocational Behavior.

[ Link ]

Audio - That wasn't our deal: A psychological contract perspective on employee responses to bullying
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Check out our new books and releases in Psychology. Use Discount code STC317 at checkout and save up to 30%. [ Link ]

New Releases: Psychology | SciTech Connect
In this first post in a four part series on increasing intelligence, we explore the rising trend of #braintraining, focusing on the science and controversy surrounding it.

Brain Training - The "Controversy"