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Sunday’s New York Times has an article by Professor Nancy L Segal discussing a recent twin study proving that Mother’s breast milk varies based on the gender of the baby. The milk is intended for the best possible growth of a specific gender, and hence identical twins of the same gender grew faster and larger from breast milk than fraternal twins of different genders.

Does Breast Milk Have a Sex Bias?
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The human brain does not appear fully formed out of nowhere. It is the product of a long process of evolution over many hundreds of millions of years.

Evolution of the Human Brain
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As it turns out, planning a "leisurely activity" - especially on the weekend - diminishes the fun of it. We explore the psychology behind this. #FOMO

How Making Fun Weekend Plans Can Actually Ruin Your Weekend
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As we bid farewell to 2016, here’s a look back at the some interesting and thought-provoking neuroscience and Psychology articles published in SciTech Connect this year.

Top Five SciTech Connect Neuroscience Articles of 2016
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The Brain Bee Challenge is an international neuroscience competition for 16 year-old high school students.

"The Brain" Hits the Spot in the Brain Bee Competition
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We explore the linkage between a pattern of conduct – lying – and changes in patterns of brain activity, to see if there is a "mechanistic" account of dishonesty escalation.

Why You Shouldn't Blame Lying on the Brain
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The e-book has made continued inroads into the publishing world but the printed book has defied predictions of its death.

When Is a Book Not a Book?
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Addictive Behaviors is now accepting submissions for a special issue, Ambulatory Assessment of Addictive Disorders.

Submissions should utilize technology-based ambulatory assessment to enhance the study and treatment of addictive disorders.

Be sure to submit your papers here: [ Link ]

CALL FOR PAPERS - Addictive Behaviors
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Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Sciences (book Launch)

Book launch: Creating a culture of accessibility in the sciences
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Though many people associate hypnotism with second-rate magicians, the practice is in fact supported by a large number of clinicians and neuroscientists wh

This Is What Hypnosis Does To Your Brain
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The attitude of citizens in higher income countries towards immigrants is hardening, with scientists from the developing world suffering most.

Innovation and Research Suffer When Visa Rules Keep Scientists Home
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Up to 25% off Science & Technology books including newly published and soon-to-be published books. Offer ends 1/31.

Elsevier Books, Journals, Articles and more
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Up To 1 In 5 Army Child Abuse Cases May Never Be Investigated.

[ Link ]

Under-Reporting of Child Abuse Suspected Within U.S. Army
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There’s a new relationship buster: the smartphone. We explore the psychology of just how detrimental smartphones can be to relationships.

Smartphones Could Be Ruining Your Love Life
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We are delighted to welcome Denise M. Sloan as the new Editor of Behavior Therapy,

Behavior Therapy is an international journal devoted to the application of the behavioral and cognitive sciences to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of psychopathology and related clinical problems.

Start reading the key articles today:
[ Link ]

New Editor - Behavior Therapy
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In this fourth entry on the "Top Five Questions Left-Handers Ask", Laterality expert Clare Porac answers whether or not switching writing hands messes up your brain.

Will Switching Writing Hands Mess Up My Brain
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Want to expand your knowledge on protective factors in forensic and correctional practice?

Explore our new special issue from Aggression and Violent Behavior and be the first to read this issue today: [ Link ]

Protective Factors in Forensic and Correctional Practice
The hard fact is that there’s just not enough R&D money available to support the higher ed research capabilities our country has built.

Is it Time for a New Model to Fund Science Research in Higher Education?
Want to read the latest research surrounding neurocognitive mechanisms modulating attention bias in anxiety?

Read the current perspectives in the new special issue from Biological Psychology: [ Link ]

Neurocognitive mechanisms modulating attention bias in anxiety: Current perspectives