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Some men are turned off by smart women—even men who don't think they are. Here's the proof.

Why Some Men Are Intimidated by Smarter Women
Convincing someone to go out with you is very different from meeting a long-term partner. Here's how to do both.

4 Steps to Attracting Someone New (While Still Being Yourself)
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Love means having to say you're sorry, a lot. Or else.

7 Rules for Apologizing to Your Partner
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Have you been feeling more like roommates than soul mates lately? Try one of these ideas today.

7 Simple Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner Today
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If you or someone you know has trouble looking at the brighter side, these tips should help.

6 Steps to a Positive Outlook on Life
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There are at least 237 unique reasons why people say they have sex. Many have little to do with desire.

Why Couples Have Sex Even When One Partner Isn't in the Mood
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You went to a lot of trouble to choose and commit to your partner. The least you can do is avoid some simple mistakes that can tear you apart.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Being a Happy Couple
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Why do we so strongly disapprove of people who have made different life choices than we have?

Why You're Right and Everyone Else Is Wrong
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About 70 percent of all disagreements in a relationship are unresolvable. Where do you go from there? Start with this.

6 Better Ways to Talk to Your Partner
How many of these have brought you together with someone?

11 Reasons Why We Fall in Love
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There are conversations we all need to have but don't know how to begin. Now there's a way.

13 Ground Rules for Your Most Difficult Conversations
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Unless we understand why we hate, we can never overcome it.

Why People Hate, and How It Can Stop
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Do you have to step outside your comfort zone? Chances are, you're already resilient enough to survive the process.

Three Reasons You're More Resilient Than You Think
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Have you ever seen someone make one of these blunders?

6 Fatal Job Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
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Has your partner ever ignored you to look at his or her phone? Here's why it may be a bigger problem than you think.

When You Ignore Your Partner, This Is What They're Thinking
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Teaching kids to use anatomically correct terms for all of their body parts, including the private ones, can actually help keep them safer.

Call Children’s Private Parts What They Are
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Many people worry about associating with polyamorous people for this reason. They probably shouldn't.

Why Polyamorous People Are Not Trying to Steal Your Partner
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There are powerful reasons we are sometimes more likely to indulge in alcohol, reasons we may not consciously realize.

5 Reasons Why We Drink
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Their most dangerous trait? Pretending to be like everyone else.

How to Know That You're Dealing with a Psychopath
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Is your partner more focused on their phone than on you? The problem may be more serious than you think.

How Technology Can Short-Circuit Your Relationship