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Want to lessen your risk of divorce? The age when you marry is a major factor.

These Are the Best (and Worst) Ages to Get Married
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Isolation is going viral: The number of Americans who report having no close friends has tripled since 1985. Here's why.

2 Key Reasons Why We're Becoming Lonelier
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Answer this one question, and then live your answer.

A Surprising Secret to Being Happier, Starting Today
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Sure, it can increase your flexibility. But do you know what it does for your sex life?

The Growing Evidence That Yoga Improves Sex
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A man with a tattoo is definitely sending a message, but it may not be what he thinks.

Are Men With Tattoos More Attractive?
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Is it infatuation, or long-term love? There are some subtle but proven ways to tell.

7 Signs That You've Found The One
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Death from self-injury is a growing crisis, especially in certain groups. These are the facts.

The Startling, Underestimated Crisis of Self-Injury Death
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Gaslighters subject partners to constant manipulation and brainwashing. These telltale signs indicate that someone you care about may be at risk.

8 Signs of Being in a Relationship With a Gaslighter
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What makes a nervous dog? According to new research, it's most likely a nervous owner.

How Our Dogs Echo Our Emotions
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Few things will improve your life more effectively than improving your connections to others. Start here.

5 Ways to Make Your Relationships Stronger
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It may have just become much easier to figure out who has psychopathic traits.

A Super-Quick Way to Determine Who’s Psychopathic
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Pet owners know how much it hurts to lose an animal companion. Do others understand?

The Profound Pain of Losing a Pet
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You can't reason with someone who's verbally abusing you. Do this instead.

The Only Effective Way to Stop Verbal Abuse
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At least one in three couples have this problem. Have you ever seen it?

The Hidden Epidemic in Modern Relationships
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Do you know someone whose success and ego has made them impossible to be around?

5 Signs That Someone Has Turned Into a Narcissist
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No matter how stuck you feel, you can become your own superhero again. Start with this.

5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Rut
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Does having a partner really motivate us to live healthier?

The Link Between Relationships and Good Health