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The vow says "in sickness and in health," but you can expect more health if you can just stick to this one goal.

Does Having a Happy Partner Make You Healthier?
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When things go badly, we focus on what's gone wrong. It might be better to do just the opposite.

The Single Shift That Could Change Your Life
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On a first date, or an online profile, one overlooked factor may be crucial.

Is This the Secret to Attraction?
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Chronic shyness can lead to a vicious social cycle. These tips can help you or someone you know break out.

4 Ways to Overcome Shyness
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We expect more of our most reliable and disciplined friends. But how does that make them feel?

How We Treat the People We Trust Unfairly (Without Realizing It)
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Narcissists think they're pretty great, but not at everything.

Why Narcissists Think They're Better Than You
Does pornography use destroy relationships or is it a sign that relationships are already broken?

What Porn Really Does to Relationships
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When you and your partner argue, do either of you ever hit below the belt?

How Couples Can Stop Fighting Dirty
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When you're feeling burned out, the thing you need most may be the last thing you think you want.

Why You Shouldn't Be Alone When You Feel Burned Out
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Do you know anyone who still uses any of these sayings?

10 Common Expressions You Should Stop Saying Now
Some people just aren't ready to act like grownups. Maybe you know one?

10 Ways to Spot an Emotionally Immature Adult
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If you or someone you know has trouble looking at the brighter side, these tips should help.

6 Steps to a Positive Outlook on Life
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Nonverbal expressions of love can be the most powerful. Here's why.

How We Say "I Love You" With Touch
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Should you stay or should you go? This may help you decide.

The 5 Stages of a Relationship's End
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How can you find the help you need? Start with this.

5 Questions to Decide If a Therapist Is Right for You
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When you meet someone you like, how do you close the deal?

8 Ways to Launch a New Romantic Relationship