Psyko Punkz
02/20/2017 at 19:57. Facebook
Psyko Punkz X Midnight Mafia

May 13th
Sydney, Australia
Psyko Punkz
02/18/2017 at 21:12. Facebook
Just finished my set. Damn what a crowd. Loved it❤
Psyko Punkz
02/18/2017 at 20:26. Facebook
Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le....
Psyko Punkz
02/17/2017 at 13:13. Facebook
Psyko Punkz
02/16/2017 at 18:57. Facebook
Black and White #ikhebschijt
Psyko After MF
Sexy Snapback

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Friendship- my definition- is built on three things. Respect, trust and unconditional love.

In your entire life, (if you are lucky) you can count your true frIends on a couple of fingers. And I am so lucky to have them.

They empower me, give me strength, wisdom and a laugh on my face everyday.

I wouldn't trade one of them for a hundred of the other kind. I'd rather be completely alone...
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Glasgow you were fucking amazing
Amazing sunset from the airplane❤
Arrived in my hotel in Glasgow Can't wait to rock SCOTLAND tonight❤
Wrote some Lyrics about my key to happiness in Dutch (sorry non Dutchies)

Whatever your schedule may look like this week, don't forget to wakeup with a smile :)
Check, check, check in MIC
Great night out and way better after party going on at the moment. Glad to have you buddy❤
Tomorrowland, fucking proud to be back to play for the 9th time at this amazing festival!

This year I will perform 2 times. Both weekends Psyko Punkz in your mf face. Can't wait❤
Night out with the boys❤

#hyte #adambyer
My favorite lines from Biggie :)
Leandro is one of the biggest Psyko Soldier's out there, he gave me so many presents and love during my last 4 visits to Chile.

Last Defqon I took him on stage. Much respect and love for this guy!
Dropping a brand new Psyko Punkz in the Heineken Music Hall

Psyko Punkz - Define God❤
X-Qlusive Ran-D was fun!

#psykopunkz #hardstyle #music