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There are many ways to express your satisfaction towards food.

What’s another word that you can think of?

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Don’t mistake “you’re” for “your.” Your is the possessive form of you and you're is a contraction of “you are”.

How can you use both words in a sentence?
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Placement of punctuation is very important because it can change the entire meaning of your sentences.

Do you know the difference between the first and second sentence?
The idiom “an arm and a leg” can be used to describe anything that is considered to be “very expensive”.

Can you think of a way to use this in a sentence?
To affect (v) is to influence or change the outcome of something, while effect (n) is the result.

Learn the difference and maximise your test result! Can you use both words in a sentence?
The idiom “piece of cake” is another way of saying “very easy”.

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Punctuation marks are essential to help your readers understand what you want to convey.

The correct use of punctuation is essential when practicing your written communication skills.

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Consider how you would answer this question in the test. Can you spot the mistake?

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Having a wide vocabulary may help you maximise your test results! Put your skills to the test!

Can you think of another word for ‘ask’?
2017 is here! Broaden your vocabulary by making a resolution to learn a new word each day.

What new words did you learn in 2016?
Reading books, writing a journal, and watching English movies are all great ways to practice when taking the test.

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Expand your English vocabulary by learning the synonyms of words you use everyday.

Can you think of another word for “pretty”?
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