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We’re calling Purdue alumni all together to Boiler Up — #PurdueDayofGiving is April 26! [ Purdue.edu Link ]
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Enough said. #EverGratefulEverTrue
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This year’s main event theme is UnscripTED! The basic idea is that life isn’t scripted. You choose your own destination and can make spontaneous decisions to better yourself or the world around you. Visit our page to see the speakers list and purchase tickets using the 'Sign Up' button on the top right!
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What an awesome honor! We're glad to have such a great faculty here at Purdue.
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As a result of flat tuition since 2012, Purdue students and their families have saved more than $226 million that they would otherwise have had to spend on their educational expenses!

Find out more here: [ Ow.ly Link ]
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The State Street Redevelopment Project will begin on April 1st. In preparation the public is invited to attend one of two informational meetings on Thursday, March 23 to hear the plans and ask questions.

The first meeting will be held at noon at Purdue University’s Stewart Center in room 206. The second meeting will be held at 5:30 pm in the West Lafayette Library’s Elm and Walnut...
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Doesn't get much bigger than this stage. Vs. Kansas in Kansas City on Thursday.
Sweet Sixteen here we come!
Here's the preview for tomorrow night's second round game. Tip off at 9:40 pm ET, on TBS. #BoilerUp

Purdue Faces Iowa State in 2nd Round

Way to go, Boilermakers! See you in the next round!
Day 1 of March Madness! Who's ready?!
Purdue University researchers developed an underwater adhesive modeled after those created by shellfish to stick to surfaces. It is stronger than many commercial glues created for the purpose.

Learn more: bit.ly/biomimetic-glue

via Purdue School of Materials Engineering and Purdue University College of Science
Get ready to cheer on your Boilermakers during #MarchMadness
An amazing meet for our divers! We'll be cheering you on at NCAAs!

All 8 Purdue Divers Qualify for NCAAs

Have a happy and safe Spring Break, Boilermakers! Hopefully things will be budding on campus when you get back, like this picture from last year!
Pouring molten copper with The Slow Mo Guys

Watch the full video: bit.ly/slow-mo-copper
More SMG videos @ Purdue: bit.ly/youtube-purdue-engineering

via Purdue School of Materials Engineering
Asha Purdue- Global Film Fest Celebrates International Women's Day on March 8 at Purdue Universitywith Screening of powerful film "SONITA" followed by panel discussion - "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back- Women's Rights Progress Across the World".

Sonita - Movie Screening- Asha Purdue Global Movie Fest 2017

EVENT - facebook.com