Merry #MeowMonday! Thanks for sharing your photos of your cats that you love to spoil—they're lucky to have you! Have a happy holiday with your furry friends!
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Happy #MeowMonday! Thanks for showing us those adorably awkward sleeping cats. For our next album, show us the cats you can't wait to spend the holiday season spoiling.
Thanks for sharing your cuddle cats with us for #MeowMonday! For our next album, show us your cats that love to nap in unusual places or poses!
Happy Black (Cat) Friday! Klondike the foster kitty says to give your furry friend (whatever their color) a little extra love today in gratitude for all the ways they make your life better.
Thanks for sharing your shelter cats with us and thanks for giving those lucky felines loving forever homes! Do you have a cat that loves to cuddle? Share a pic for our next #MeowMonday!
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Ready for another shelter cat spotlight? We're very pleased to introduce Azule. This playful, affectionate orange tabby is house trained and looking for a loving place to call home. You can visit him in person at the Humane Society of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN.
We're celebrating animal shelters today with a shelter cat spotlight! Patsy here is a guest of our friends at Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, GA. She is an absolute love bug, and also enjoys sitting on laps. She gets along with with other cats and is waiting very patiently to meet you. [ Link ]
We hope you enjoy this special (belated) Halloween edition of #MeowMonday! In honor of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, show us photos of your shelter-rescue cats for next our next album.
Help your cat have a safe and happy Halloween! Those trick or treaters may be adorable, but all the noise and strange faces can be stressful for your cat. Consider finding them a safe, quiet place for the evening, safely away from tempting open doors and unfamiliar visitors.
It's National Cat Day, and we want to spend it with all of you! Share your #MyRescueStory or post a photo of your feline family to celebrate the day!
Thanks for sharing your fluffy cats with us! Those healthy, shiny coats are a good sign of a healthy diet. Now, for a very special Halloween Friday edition of #MeowMonday, let's celebrate all of your lucky black cats!