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Is your back killing you? Our #TopTip is to invest in a pool noodle and find yourself a pool!

Does this help your back, Purity® moms?
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We want to see your newborn baby selfies this #SelfieSaturday! We're sure you have a few stored on your phone ;)
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Muuuuuuum, you thought of my bum, now don't forget my tum! Purity® please, mum!
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Finding it impossible to get to sleep with your pregnant belly? It might be a little unorthodox, but we have a solution…

Share your solutions with us, Purity® moms-to-be!
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The room is decorated and your hospital bag is packed, but do you have all your baby essentials for when little one comes home?

Tick these off: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Just a reminder to enter your little one as this month's #SummerBaby! Share a summery picture of them below and you could win a Purity® Summer Hamper!

Complete your details at the below link to enter, T's & C's apply :)
[ A.pgtb.me Link ]
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Today is World Down Syndrome Day! How has your life been affected by Down Syndrome? Tell us your stories <3
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By Megan Kelly has listed her Pregnancy Essentials as part of her new series 'The Mom's Guide', in a recent blog post below! What are your pregnancy essentials, Purity moms?

Pregnancy Essentials (Part: 1) - By Megan Kelly

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This International Day of Happiness, can you tell us all the wonderful things that make your life a happy one? :)
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Purity®, along with our panel of experts, have made it our mission since 1953 to create great nutrition, without additives, preservatives or colourants.*

*As with other manufactured baby food.
Like a braai is to your man, Purity® is to your baby ;)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing baby's dinner is sorted with Purity®.
Purity® & Elizabeth Anne's kept your little one AND you in mind when developing our care line! Which is why our Special Baby Shampoo is as good for your baby's hair as it is for yours! Stock up on these for rushed hair washes in the newborn phase ;)
Share if you relate to this ;) #MommyTruths
With the changing season approaching, here’s a great guide on what to dress baby in for sleeping!
Those preggy cravings are a real thing and our Butternut Mac n' Cheese is a real cure ;)
Find the recipe below!
What are your cravings, Purity® moms? ;)
Discover the Goodness in our jars through this simple infographic - no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no additives. Only Goodness, as pure as nature intended. It all begins with Purity.
You might have noticed that while you're expecting your little one, it's not all glow and happiness ;) If you're experiencing some uncomfortable physical and emotional niggles, it's completely normal! Here are a few tips to help you get through the most common ones:

Visit our website for more solutions to your niggles: [ Purity.co.za Link ]
Who says summer is over? Not around here! Check out your local supermarket to view our summer deals :)
Pregnancy cravings is a real thing and our Butternut Mac n' Cheese is a real cure ;)
Find the recipe below!
What are your pregnancy cravings, Purity® moms? ;)
The last of summer is here ! Let no time go to waste preparing food with handy on-the-go Purity® jars and pouches on hand! Visit your local supermarket to check out our special bundles.