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Our #PurityPartner this month is Frankie Beans! Have you seen their comfortable & supportive pregnancy pillow? It's easy to transport for that baby bump, whether at home or going on a trip. For more information and to view a list of their other products, visit their website at the link below <3


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Making the most of the last balmy summer days? Check out our guide to kid-friendly activities in South Africa: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Share your favourite stories of homemade happiness with us! :)
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Purity® has you sorted, even when you're on the road ;) Visit your local supermarket to find out more information on our specials <3
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Happy World Yoga Day, Purity® moms! Mom and tot yoga offers physical activity that promotes better sleep, settled behaviour and helps develop the brain and nervous system :)
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When packing a healthy lunchbox, don't forget to include these items for a balanced meal:
- Carbohydrate
- Fruit
- Vegetable
- Protein
- Dairy
- Water
- A Purity® Junior snack! <3
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#CompetitionTime Purity Fans! Moms-to-be, send us a photo of your baby bump, and you could with a beautiful Frankie Beans Pregnancy Pillow! Don't forget to enter at the link below too! [ A.pgtb.me Link ]
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Baby can take centre stage, but bonding time with your husband is also important to pencil in! Try putting 10 minutes a day aside to talk about anything other than work, family or the household to bring you closer!
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Is your little one this month's #SummerBaby? Share a picture of them making the most of the last summer days and you could win a Purity® Summer Hamper! T's & C's apply! [ A.pgtb.me Link ]
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When your baby first starts on solids, they should start with one meal a day for the first week or two to help them get used to it. Download our feeding guides for ages 6-12 months for meal plans and tips: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Summer should be about spending quality time at the beach, not worrying about mealtimes! With Purity®, it's sorted.
Eating at the table all together as a family fosters communication and a feeling of belonging! It's also a great opportunity to teach your little ones good table manners ;) Does our family eat together?
Our #PurityPartner this month is Frankie Beans! Their comfortable & supportive pregnancy pillow is easy to transport for that baby bump, whether at home or going on a trip. It offers excellent comfort and support for the tummy, back, hips and knees, ensuring that you are well supported throughout this special time. For more information and to view a list of their other products, visit their...
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Our Purity® Toddler Raspberry, Pear and Vanilla-Flavoured Yoghurt Jar, bridges the gap between lunch and supper in the yummiest way! Has your little one tried it?
Happy Valentine's Day, Purity® Moms <3! How did your family show you the love today?
Summer's been a breeze with our Purity® specials. Have you grabbed any of our deals? Let us know!
Need a quick and easy breakfast before school? These Kiddies' Tropical Smoothies are fun and delicious to drink. They're also kiddie approved ;)
To help you prepare for your new life, make time to bond with your baby bump. Your baby's hearing develops after 23 weeks, so sing and talk to them to help them bond with your voice! Find out more in our downloadable pregnancy guides: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Whether it's as a treat or a quick on-the-go snack for your little one, our Purity® Junior snacks contain no nasties and are a better choice for young children! What's your little one's favourite snack?