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A week into school and already running out of lunchbox ideas? Try this combination:
P.S. Invite your friends to our page - we'll be sharing more fun videos :)
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Just one of the perks of being a mom :)
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Like a braai is to your man, Purity® is to your baby ;)

Have Purity® pouches and jars on hand for all outside activities!
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Missing your friends? How about a moms and tots get-together! Find an idea from our guide to kid-friendly activities in South Africa: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Encourage your little one to explore summer with handy on-the-go Purity® jars and pouches! Visit your local supermarket to check out our bundles.
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Being a mom can be frustrating at times, but don't forget to cherish all those little moments <3
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Going back to creche? Children are more likely to get sick because they're around more children. Use a multivitamin like Vi-Daylin to boost your child's vitamin intake, just in time for those back-to-creche bugs! Available as a 'pop' or syrup - whichever your child will eat ;)
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It's back to school time! Send your child off with love and a Purity® Junior Snack! <3
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If your attempts to transition baby to solid food is affecting their 'pattern', try this tip:

*As with other manufactured baby food.
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It's nearly school time again ! Pack your child a yummy balanced lunch, like this combination below:

P.S. Keep an eye out for all our other recipes and lunchbox ideas by 'liking' our page!
This little man has summer in the bag with Purity®!
The December holidays are such a whirlwind, your little ones are bound to be out of routine! Ease them back into it with these tips:
Yay for the weekend! Consult this list of kid-friendly restaurants to visit across South Africa: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Is your little one struggling with congestion? We turn to the experts for tips:
Is your little one this month's #SummerBaby? Share a picture of your little one enjoying summer with Purity and you could win a #SummerHamper! Don't forget to complete your details at the below link, t's & c's apply :)
[ A.pgtb.me Link ]
Because no more bites mean peaceful nights! Purity® & Elizabeth Anne's have created a gentle and DEET-free insect repellant especially for your little one's sensitive skin. Have you tried it for your little one?
Did you know that little ones' bodies heat up three times faster than adults? Keep them cool with lightweight cotton material that covers their bodies as much as possible <3
Holidays are a time to relax, but keeping your little one's brain active is a no-brainer! Try these activities during the holidays: bit.ly/2apRKoK

How to keep your child's brain active over the summer holidays

Enjoy summer with Purity® specials! Visit your local supermarket to view our Summer deals
There's no motivation for gym quite like the beginning of the year ;) Make sure you're well-fueled for your workout with a Purity® Pouch as a post-workout snack and a treat for your little one!
*As with other manufactured baby food.