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Take a moment today to give someone a good ‘ol fashioned Goaty Back Ride! #RandomActsofKindnessDay
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That feeling when you are single and walk into a place full of couples...#SinglesAwarenessDay
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Now THAT is a look of love! Happy #ValentinesDay from Puss and Dulcinea!
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Seeing a picture of your crush like...
#DontCryOverSpilledMilkDay is never easy for Puss in Boots… this year especially.
Puss has (literally) made a new friend named CoCo! Happy #MakeAFriendDay! Tag your newest friend!
Friends make Fridays all the better! #EpicBestFriendHighFive
Give someone a digital high five!
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Maestro cannot find his red shirt! Are you wearing yours? #NationalWearRedDay
The suspense is killing us! Shadow or no shadow?! #GroundhogDay
Go Puss! #ThatCatCanDance #BackwardsDay
Happy National Chocolate Cak… oh uh… nevermind. #NationalChocolateCakeDay #DisruptedByAnOgre #GoingToNeedMoreCake
Puss must abide by the rules of #OppositeDay by acting like the opposite of a cat. If you were to act the opposite of normal, how would you act?
Enjoying #ComplimentDay like… why yes, my muscles are quite large thank you.
When a Sky God wants to give you a hug, you must surrender to his wishes. #NationalHugDay
Tag someone who needs a nice long rest! #PussInBoots #WiseWednesdays