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QI - Quite Interesting
11/30/2016 at 21:30. Facebook
Know a single friend who could do with celebrating 'Singles' Day'? Tag them in the comments!

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QI - Quite Interesting
11/30/2016 at 18:34. Facebook
This is your ten minute klaxon
Does the Moon really have quicker internet than some parts of Britain?

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How has the supermoon made us lose weight?

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You've been warned. 50% of the No Such Thing As A Fish team will be LIVE at 6:50pm, right here on the ol' Facebook.
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Why writing a speech for President Trump can set your pants on fire, and more election facts than you can shake a stick at.
BBC Two: Tonight, 11:35PM
Why did the study into the male contraceptive jab REALLY end?

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Come and have all your questions answered about the male contraceptive jab and more.
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The QI elves give an insight into how each episode is researched.

The lifecycle of a QI script

Getting excited for Episode 3 of newsicle niceness? Here is a little taster to get you salivating for some tip-top-topical comedy. #NSTATN

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Counting down the minutes to #NSTATN - are you all wildly excited? Yes? Good. Should hope so, too. Reward yourself with this sneaky peak of the elves in action:

BBC2, 11:05pm
Why were smart watches banned at Theresa May's cabinet meeting?