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Butterflies drink turtle tears in the Amazon rain forest.
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This spectacular tiger swallowtail butterfly is both male and female. (Image Credit: James K. Adams)
Great news! Romesh Ranganathan is going to be the next Curator for the Museum of Curiosity on BBC Radio 4 with Professor of Ignorance, our very own Chief Gnome, John Lloyd.
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A zonkey (or a zedonk) is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.
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The glasswing butterfly is so named for its transparent wings. (Photo by David Tiller)
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An octopus hitches a ride... (Photo by Michael B. Hardie.)
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Baby porcupines are called "porcupettes". (Photo by Vienna Zoo.)
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A puffin attempting to land on a windy day in Fair Isle… (Photo: Johan Siggesson)
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Edward Hopper drew Little Boy Looking at the Sea on his 1891 report card when he was nine years old.
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The Finnish Reindeer Herders Association came up with a way of making their reindeer visible to motorists…
"Mary Roach is one of the authors that the elves are always fangirling over, and we have read all her books. Packing For Mars is about the weirdest bits of space exploration.

Each chapter is a detailed account of a facility that Roach visits, or a person that she meets, so it's more in-depth that just a collection of categorised facts.

This book also wins my Most Interesting Footnotes...
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Every year on Valentines, the Seattle Aquarium hosts a date night for their giant Pacific octupuses. (Photo by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.)
A team of scientists at Michigan State University has created a facial recognition system for lemurs. (Photo by Alamy.)
This fish’s scientific name is Boops boops. (Photo by Roberto Pillon.)
There’ll be a lot of laughs at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals’ 100 Hearts Night Of Comedy, Sunday, 6pm 26 February. There's an amazing line up of comedians.
James Acaster
Rowan Atkinson
Clive Anderson (MC)
Jo Brand
Bridget Christie
Nina Conti
Angus Deayton, Helen Atkinson Wood, Michael Fenton Stevens & Philip Pope (Radio Active & The HeeBee GeeBees)
Hugh Dennis & Steve Punt
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100 Hearts Charity Gala – Where Art meets Science - Adelphi

A group of lemurs is called a conspiracy.
We are celebrating the 3rd birthday of #nosuchthingasafish with a special recording at @utccomedyclub on the 28th February! Booking opens at 11am on Monday.
"The Phantom Atlas is a collection of antique maps that show the world as we wrongly believed it to be. These include strange myths like the 15-ft tall Patagonian Giants spotted by Magellan, to massive errors like the giant inland sea thought to fill North America. It's very much influenced by being a QI fan (and now an Elf!), looking for the quirkiest facts in the history of exploration." -...
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