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Quade Cooper
01/12/2017 at 10:16. Facebook
C R E W L O V E... @lauradundovic
Quade Cooper
01/09/2017 at 11:25. Facebook
If you want something bad enough you will let nothing stand in your way... #17Mentality #PositiveVibesOnly #ProductOfYourEnvironment #ItsgoodToBeHome
Grateful to have brothers like these two.. it's been good spending time training laughing learning and challenging the mind like never before.. #BucketHatsAndTatts #MindSet - "if you want something you've never had before.. you have to do something you've never done"
Flipping good day today.. a little trip down memory lane with the trampoline #SeeWhatIDidThere #AndAgain @ezrataylor_bsandm
New Years resolution.. #2K17 #GoodToBeHome
NYD ✔2017 so far so good.. #2K17 #WhenInDoubtPullAPeaceSign
Just hanging in heaven.. #MadeIt
Baby Cruz first Christmas.. #DemChecksTho #ThatSmileToo #AndDemRolls
My not so little brothers anymore.. @moses.jones @reubenjones_
#LaFamilia #Whanau #familyfirst❤
Santa said I couldn't have these before Christmas but the boys at @doughboutique said what size.. for all your kick needs @doughboutique
#EarlyXmasGift #V2 #LoveThemLikeKanyeLovesKanye #yeezyv2
Lil man is happy to have his uncle home.. it's been a long 18months but can't begin to explain how happy I am to be finally unpacking and getting to sleep in my own bed #ThatHomeFeeling
When you know you have 6weeks of holidays... #ItsBeenALongAssYear #OnToTheNext
#Mood ..One to get
Told you all I'm giving away my jersey from the Scotland game.. all you got to do is --> Post a SELFIE and hashtag #QcJersey so I can pick a winner.. get snapping I'll look through tomorrow and choose a winner ✌
What they say when skies are grey..
PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? OUI!.. #TheChampsElyseeIsABusy..
Disappointed about missing last nights game against France through an ankle injury during the week but Im happy I got to catch up with some old friends/team mates from @rctofficiel
Been mucking around with Facebook live lately and enjoying the realism of it.. no filters nothing prepared just having a chat.. but I'm going to give this jersey away someway some how tonight.. either on Facebook live or on my twitter live.. so be aware in an hour or two I'll be live and join in to get it. ✌
Just finished training.. recovery and cleaning up my room