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Québec City under the spotlight

--> Check out that beautiful video from National Geographic Travel!
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The Auberge Saint-Antoine in Québec City selected by TripAdvisor travelers as the second BEST hotel in the world!

Ranking here --> [ Link ]

Auberge Saint-Antoine - Luxury Hotel in Quebec City
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According to Georges St-Pierre, Québec City is beautiful!

What's your opinion?
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Château Frontenac = magic
What do you think?

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Spring is officially here! How will you enjoy it?

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Would you go to a Nordic Spa? You really should! ->
: Francis Gagnon
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Discover the celebrations ->
When is the best time to visit Québec City according to you?

The Best Moment to Visit Québec City for an Unforgettable Vacation
A fan sent us this film he made for Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation using video footage from tourists who explored the country. Guess which destination is featured at 8:52?

Tourists discover Canada

CC for English subtitles. A film in honour of Canada's 150th Birthday, using footage from YouTubers. A list of all video sources included below. The music co...

The St. Lawrence Summits are now on Facebook! Follow them to know everything about ski & accommodation packages in Québec City + Charlevoix

Sommets du Saint-Laurent
Québec City is the perfect place to celebrate St.Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day in Québec City
Go on a ice canoe excursion with Brandy Yanchyk from the BBC Travel Show!

BBC Travel Show - Brandy Yanchyk goes ice-canoeing in Quebec City
The Port of Québec wins the “Best Destination Experience” Award of the prestigious Cruise Insight magazine!

Queen Mary II // Port de Québec
Would you prefer to see winter or summer pictures at this time of the year?
Feel like enjoying Québec City during spring? Check out these 360° pictures!

Google Street View – Explore natural wonders and world landmarks
"Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation cannot be complete without visiting the country's capital city... but which one should you visit?"

Five Historic Canadian Cities · Kenton de Jong Travel
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Do you have what it takes to stay the night at the Hôtel de Glace? Justin Plus Lauren say "just about anyone can stay overnight and have an incredible experience with a few directions."

How to Survive a Night at the Quebec Ice Hotel