The 9-year-old girl who was missing from Bellmere has been located safe and well. She was located in Peacherine Circuit which was not far from where she wa

FINAL ALERT - Amber Alert, Bellmere (Child located) - Moreton
Queenslanders, we could be in for some severe weather over the weekend. The first cyclone of the season looks set to form in the Gulf of Carpentaria and central and southern parts of the state could be in for severe thunderstorms over the weekend and into early next week. Check out the Bureau of Meteorology website for updated warnings and stay up to date!

Now is the time to prepare. Make...
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Want to make good friends? Feel like giving back to your community? Keen to get hands-on and douse some bushfires?

If you answered yes and you’re a Kiel Mountain native, then , or to 670 Diddillibah Road at Diddillibah this Saturday at 1pm.

Kiel Mountain Rural Fire Brigade is on a recruitment drive, and First Officer Anthony Conroy would love to hear from you if you’re interested in...
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Snap poll time! The thunder’s rolling and the lightning’s cracking - you’re about to be smashed by a summer storm. ☔What do you do?

a) Get outside and start taking pics – this is going to be an epic Facebook post.

b) Check the BoM radar and warnings online.

c) Close your windows and doors, park the car inside and bring in your pets – it’s better safe than sorry.

d) Other – tell us!
An important reminder to have a working smoke alarm and report accurate information when you call Triple Zero (000). A lucky escape, all thanks to a working smoke alarm. Check yours today, folks!
Is your love burning hot this Valentine’s Day? Candle lit dinner planned for your beloved?

Don’t let your night go up in ! Remember to extinguish the before you extinguish the ❤.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!
Our friends at Bureau of Meteorology have forecast strong winds and heavy rainfall for parts of south east Queensland this afternoon.

If you're at home, tie down loose items and bring your pets inside. The last thing you want is your furry friends panicking. Remember to move your car to a safe location in case we see some hail and steer clear of overhanging branches.

With heavy rainfall...
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of aerial operations?

Well, just ask one of South West Region's newest Air Base Operators, who finished their training at Tara Airfield over the weekend. Overcoming the 45 degree heat on the tarmac, these high achievers were trained to assist in equipment transfers, refilling water bombing aircraft and community evacuations. These handy...
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Check out this aerial shot of the fire burning at The Falls (east of Killarney)! Crews battled temps in excess of 40 degrees fighting this fire yesterday and with severe fire weather forecast for the Darling Downs and Granite Belt areas today, we're asking you all to be fire safe.

You know what that means: be on the lookout for fires in your area, have your Bushfire Survival Plan ready to go...
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DID YOU KNOW: The colour of smoke can indicate a fire’s behaviour. Where there’s smoke, there’s clues!

Dense + white smoke = very moist fuels and mild fire behaviour

Pale grey/blue smoke = moist fuels and mild-moderate fire behaviour

Black/dark brown smoke = dry fuels and high fire behaviour

Copper/bronze smoke = very dry fuels and high to severe fire behaviour

Thin, lazily rising smoke...
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*This warning is no longer current. For updated information please visit [ Link ]

Bushfire ADVICE message for GOOD NIGHT (west of Childers) as at 4.40pm Fri 10 Feb

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is advising:

As at 4.40pm, a large grass fire is burning near Nielsons Road and Lagoons Road, Good Night, west of Childers.

The fire which broke out earlier today is...
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It's going to be a scorcher this weekend and we want YOU to report any bushfire activity to Triple Zero (000) ASAP!

How you ask? EASY!

Our Fire Communications Officers are ready to take your calls at the drop of a !

Things you might be asked when you call Triple Zero (000)...

Your location/ suburb?
Street address?
Type of emergency e.g bushfire?
Are there properties threatened?
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FIREFIGHTING FROM THE SKY: Meet the BELL204 chopper, used to fight the Boondall Wetlands fire this week.

This chopper can carry 1250L of water, which can be siphoned from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or a portable tank through a hanging snorkel mid-flight in 30 seconds flat!

Firefighting aircraft is used to support our firies on the ground with structural protection, to slow the forward rate...
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#Onthisday in 1927: A tropical cyclone hit north of #Cairns, causing major rainfall through Queensland and reaching as far south as #Toowoomba. The torrential rain, which fell from 9th-17th February, led to the deaths of 47 people, damaged roads, railways, bridges and buildings and completely destroyed 16 houses. The estimated costs reported at the time were in the region of £300,000 (1927...
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It’s been a bit of ruff day for this pup and his little mates. Echo became stuck in the family’s trampoline this morning. Seems im-paws-ible and bit far-fetched, but it’s true.

Furt-tunatley, the job was re-fur-ed to the firies from Robina who rescued Echo and reunited him with his hoomans.

Doggone it, we think that’s pawsitivley pawsome! #dogpuns
It’s been one helluva hot and busy time for rural firefighters lately, including for these crews battling a large at Glenleigh for almost one week now.

Stinkin’ hot weather and dry conditions are fanning these fires, and we’re heading into another stretch of heat wave-like temperatures in the coming days.

You know what that means: be on the lookout for fires in your area, have your...
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ON THIS DAY: February 7, 2009 marked the arrival in Victoria of the most devastating bushfires in Australia’s history.

In what would become known as Black Saturday, bushfires killed 173 people and injured 414 more. More than 1 million animals perished, whole towns were destroyed and fires scorched upwards of 450,000 hectares of land.

A combination of dry conditions, low humidity, heatwaves...
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Why would you risk a fine, risk damage to your vehicle or gamble your life, when there’s an alternative route that takes only a few minutes extra?

With heavy monsoon rain affecting the far north, we can't say it enough: if it's flooded, forget it.

Prepare to stay safe now at .

'No Entry' means no entry - Mackay
Training caps on! Firies from the Moreton Island Rural Fire Brigade took part in hands-on, two-day chainsaw training over the weekend. The crew chopped through the sunny weather, picking up loads of handy sawing skills from their fellow trainers, who are from the Caboolture Rural Fire Brigade.
Please be safe on the roads during the rain up north, folks. Remember: if it's flooded, forget it.