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'Talking to another person face-to-face about your diet can be a little intimidating. We want to see if people feel like they can talk more freely without fear of judgement.'

This Robot Could Help With Weight Loss

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15-19 year old Queenslanders will have access to a free, four strain meningococcal vaccination (including meningococcal W) from Term 2 of the current school year. Read more:

New meningococcal vaccination program for Queensland

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Hey Elton John - make sure you don't do the Crocodile Rock when you visit Queensland!

Queensland’s most dangerous creatures: avoiding and responding to attacks

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This world-first study into fatherhood in regional and rural Queensland needs volunteers. It aims to compare how life changes for those who do and do not become fathers.

You don't need to be a father (yet), just be a man aged 28-32.

Men aged 28-32 - Can you help?

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Um, wow! As impressive as this 78-year-old woman’s deadlifting is, you don’t have to go to these extremes, regardless of your age or gender.

Check out the Healthier. Happier. guide to simple workouts you can fit into your day, at home or at the gym: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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A great shot of Roger Federer holding the Australian Open trophy on top of a Swiss mountain ⛰!

If that doesn't inspire you to have a Healthier. Happier. week ahead - we don't know what will.
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Little Leagies is fun, non-contact rugby league and touch football for girls and boys aged two to six. It's been developed to help create a culture of fitness for children.

Queensland Health is excited to sponsor this initiative. Why not get your kids involved in these fun coaching clinics?
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You may have heard about Ryan’s Rule.

Ryan’s Rule provides patients and families a clear process to follow if they are concerned about a patient in hospital who is getting worse, not doing as well as expected, or not improving.

Ryan's Rule: for all patients, families and carers

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Roughly a quarter of the population has a fear of needles.

If your child is showing signs of distress or fear about upcoming injections, here are some strategies you can use.

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Reading to your kids at an early age is really powerful for their cognitive development and your bond with them Here are some all time classics - thanks Children's Health Queensland & Lady Cilento Children's Hospital!
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Worth considering. To book a checkup, visit:
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Hey Sunshine Coast people - here's your chance to get a sneak peak at your new hospital!

Sneak peek - Sunshine Coast University Hospital

EVENT - facebook.com
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Good advice from Cairns, but relevant everywhere ????
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Good to have you with us, Doctor Soh.
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Listen to Wolverine, people. Queensland has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Protect yourself from the and get your skin checked regularly! More info: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Would you consider your child’s weight to be ‘healthy’? Or are you concerned that they might be overweight? Too skinny?

These are common questions that health professionals regularly hear from parents. So what is a healthy weight? (via Children's Health Queensland & Lady Cilento Children's Hospital)

A healthy weight is all about the right ingredients

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We've just been verified by Twitter - good things come to those who wait! We love Facebook too, but short and sweet is sometimes just what the doctor ordered

Follow Queensland Health (@qldhealthnews) on Twitter

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Happy 150th, RBWH!
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Help us caption or headline this photo of Sammy the greyhound's Valentine's Day visit to the kids ward at the Toowoomba hospital!

Sammy usually spends his days providing companionship at the Mt Lofty Heights Nursing Home, but likes to visit people of all ages.

Sammy the Greyhound: Help us caption this photo | Queensland Health