Catch #healthrobots and more live on Facebook 9am this Saturday (QLD time) at the World Science Festival Brisbane. Tune in to this Facebook page. #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
Your future surgeon will likely be a robot so why not get comfortable with medical tech now. Visit the QUT tent at World Science Festival Brisbane's free Street Science celebration this weekend and test drive three devices our medical roboticists have developed: [ Link ]. #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
Our disaster expert gathered stories from 54 other experts around the world to put together this world-first guide to disaster health management. Essential reading for students, nurses, doctors, paramedics and other health professionals.

Experts whip up how-to guidebook in cyclone's aftermath
You’ve seen it control crown-of-thorns starfish. Now it’s your turn to control COTSbot. Press the button and fire its injection arm! It’s all happening this weekend in the QUT tent at World Science Festival Brisbane's free Street Science showcase: [ Link ]. See COTSbot and more QUT science here live on Facebook 9am Saturday (QLD time) #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
Turn the sound up on this one: it’s an important message from the cutest robot on campus. Chat to Andy yourself at World Science Festival Brisbane's Street Science showcase this weekend. Visit us at the QUT tent: [ Link ] #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
For our EastWest Qut student collective, it's #HarmonyDay every day. Their purpose is to create opportunities for all students to broaden their perspective with meetups every week during semester. Students can learn and practice new languages, learn to cook dishes from another culture, and have conversations to engage in a broader world. Harmony Day_AU
Celebrate #WorldPoetryDay with QUT's amazing award-winning Sarah Holland-Batt reading at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art today
#makingmodernism QUT Creative Industries
We’re pioneering small #UAVs to make environmental monitoring faster, cheaper and more responsive. Get cosy with ours at World Science Festival Brisbane's free Street Science celebration this weekend. Visit us at the QUT tent: [ Link ] #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
Meet the animals that built the #GreatBarrierReef. QUT Science and Engineering researcher Brett Lewis' is bringing his corals and creatures to World Science Festival Brisbane's Street Science event next weekend. Stop by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation's tent next to ours and give them a tickle: [ Link ] #QUTWSFB2017 #WSFBrisbane
Meet the 2017 QUT Amy Clough Scholarship recipient - QUT Creative Industries music student Arran McNamara
Read all about it at: [ Link ]
History suggests that art and science have always been symbiotic partners in the advancement of humanity. But do we value them equally? QUT’s Professor Judith McLean is part of a creative panel at the World Science Festival Brisbane attempting to answer that question: [ Link ]
Chemistry and mathematics student Rob is back with some answers to your questions around life as a university student.
We see your world's smallest scrub turkey and we raise you one narcissistic curlew. They're all flocking to our Kelvin Grove campus! (Thanks ABC News ABC Brisbane!)

Who's a pretty birdie? Why this curlew is in love with its own reflection
Until they can see as well as you and I driverless cars have a way to go before they can be considered really safe. The authors of this piece will be entertaining and inspiring World Science Festival Brisbane crowds next week.

How to make a driverless car 'see' the road ahead
Did you know it takes almost seven times more water to manufacture and transport a bottle of water than is in the bottle itself? Join Australia’s leading retail expert Gary Mortimer from QUT and other panel members in conversation about The Inconvenient Truth of Bottled Water: [ Link ]
Look who was spotted on our Kelvin Grove campus - the world's smallest scrub turkey. It's a bit young for uni, but way too cute to be asked to defer.
On Close the Gap Day, we're proud of our students, Corey and Allison, who founded Project Imba, to create career aspirations and close the educational gap for students from Cunnamulla State High School.

84% of participants from 2016 indicated they are now motivated to do their best at school so that they can have more choices when they graduate. #CloseTheGap
Did you know QUT is ranked amongst the world’s Top 100 in more than 10 subject areas? We're also No. 1 in Australia (again!) for Communication and Media Studies, according to the latest QS World University Rankings by Subjects. Learn more [ Link ]
Are you ready to share the road with self-flying taxis, driverless vehicles and consumer drones? QUT’s Belinda Bennett will use her research expertise in the legal aspects and ethical issues associated with driverless cars to help answer that question at the World Science Festival Brisbane​: [ Link ]
Maths in movies can be educational, interesting, humorous and integral to the plot. Join QUT’s Michael Milford, a leading researcher in the field of robotics and neuroscience, and put your maths knowledge to the test at the World Science Festival Brisbane: [ Link ]