Those planning on joining us this year will be happy to know the dress code is a lot more relaxed compared to the 1900s. Find out what you can expect at QUT in 2017: [ Link ] #throwbackthursday #bowtiesoptional
Sweating about the start-to-school checklists for Prep? Don't, says QUT early childhood researcher: [ Link ]

Prep now compulsory as back-to-school draws near
Finding uni accommodation is a priority at this time of year – and not just for the humans. These little R Block residents just underwent a home renovation and are now ready for semester to start. Thanks for cleaning up their share house, guys!
When it comes to study, student blogger Ana shares why it's okay to change your mind: [ Link ]
From QTAC offers and online dating to eco driving and coral bleaching - check out #QUT's News & Events wrap:

[ Link ]
Six years after the Queensland floods, many of us are still feeling the impacts. ABC News spoke with QUT researchers who want to find out about those long-term effects, so the aftermath of disasters can be better managed in the future.
QUT Science and Engineering student Brett Lewis's coral bleaching research has made it to the airwaves of leading US news service PBS NewsHour. Now that's #ResearchImpact.

Coral bleaching is killing reefs. Is the answer a great migration?
Good luck if you're awaiting an offer through Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) today!
Corals are such cute cannibals. Here's one (on the left) munching on a neighbour that's moved too close. Those wiggly, white things come from Lefty's 'stomach'. Lefty's using them to digest its intruder.This time-lapse was shot in our labs by QUT Science and Engineering's Brett Lewis. See more: [ Link ]
“The VC Elite Athlete Scholarship has helped me immensely. The financial assistance has meant I have been able to focus solely on my studies and my cricket, rather than worrying about any outstanding fees. Not only that, it has provided countless support academically to make sure I can perform my best both on and off the field. The scholarship, and QUT, has allowed me to pursue both of my...
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Is the heat getting to you? These little coral polyps will cool you down and calm your senses. This macro time-lapse video was shot by QUT Science and Engineering researcher Brett Lewis. Watch more of his stunning videos: [ Link ]
Times have changed since this aerial shot was taken of QUT's Gardens Point campus in 1937, but many of the buildings pictured are still in use today! Get a feel for each of our present-day campuses: [ Link ] #throwbackthursday
There's plenty of 'space' to explore physics at QUT The Cube. Our #PhysicsObservatory Summer holiday program runs until the end of this weekend. It's free and air conditioned. Come and make the most of this stunning family activity. [ Link ]
Is the term 'fake news' the latest weapon used by our pollies in their war of words? QUT Creative Industries expert Prof Axel Bruns spoke to The New Daily.

Concern as 'fake news' debate hits Australian politics
QUT Science and Engineering's Prof Guy Gable (on the right) has just joined an elite group of the world's top tech experts. His global contribution to the field of Information Systems has won him the prestigious Association for Information Systems Fellow Award. Congratulations Guy!
Want to take our driving simulator for a spin? CARRS-Q's Atiyeh Vaezipour has designed an in-car device to help people become safer and more fuel-efficient drivers. Join her study: [ Link ]
The invention of the smartphone is right up there with the printing press in terms of importance, our researcher Dr Christine Satchell told ABC News.

The original iPhone turns 10 today
Neat work from one of our researchers! Anthony O’Mullane from QUT Science and Engineering has discovered new properties of a material that can separate oil from water, kill bacteria and even clean up pollution in our waterways: [ Link ]
To send or not to send. Whether it's money or personal details our researcher, Dr Cassandra Cross, says online fraud prevention info misses the mark. Find out why: [ Link ]
What can you do at QUT The Cube's #PhysicsObservatory summer holiday program (6-15 January)? Experiment with electricity - safely! Here's how.