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If you need us, mentally, we'll be here.
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We all want to ride like Travis Rice. We all want to ride with him, too. If you're between the ages of 13-18, we can at least help you with that second part. Enter our #YGSNOW contest for your chance to win a trip to Jackson Hole with Trav. Because, who knows, after that you might even be riding like him too. There's under a week left to enter, hit the link below for more info....
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Yago Dominguez and the simple yet unmistakable pleasure of using four wheels and some wood to invert yourself atop a curved slab of concrete.
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Doing an air in boardshorts feels good — but doing an air in boardshorts directly in your buddy’s face feels great. Kanoa Igarashi lofts while Leonardo Fioravanti lurks.

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If you've got something to say, then surf it out loud. Check out Shane Sykes new edit White Rain.

Three Minutes Of Fire With Shane Sykes

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The sun just sank. That orange glow is fading to the night. The waves are getting hard to see and you wait and you wait and finally: a perfect ramp. RAMZI BOUKHIAM exhibits what is undeniably the best way to end a day.

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After the worst Pipeline season in recent memory, the beast finally woke up yesterday. And of course, Koa Rothman was there to conquer it. The point here: when you get a chance, you got to take it - cause it might just end up feeling this good. Video by: Alex Kilauano
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Feeling lucky? We’re sending two people on a week-long trip to go meet and ride with Travis Rice at Jackson Hole. And giving them his new signature jacket, pants, goggles and gloves. And a GoPro. And Skullcandy headphones. And just stop what you’re doing and enter at quiksilver.com/win. There’s only two days left to get involved!
Calling all Young Guns: you've got two weeks to top this!
"I’ve learned that I need to keep an open mind. I need to always be positive. I need to be in every moment and enjoy where I’m at." That, ladies and gents, is the secret to Ezekiel Lau's success.
They get tossed on the ground. Left outside in the freezing cold. Put in driers. Peed in…Being a wetsuit is a really tough job, so let’s take a minute to be grateful for our neoprene. And remember - we’ve got you covered next time you need a new suit.

Eddie would go. But will the 2017 Eddie Aikau go? Well, as always, that decision is up to Waimea Bay. There are no major swells on the charts at the moments, but the waiting period goes all the way though the end of Feb. Fingers crossed.

Looking for a resolution? We suggest you travel more…and bring a board with you. Kael Walsh and a cultural collision in France.
Carve into winter.
Here's Zach Miller's way of reminding you to bring a skateboard if you're planning a trip to the North Shore. And our way of reminding you to watch or re-watch or re-re-watch Radical Times in Hawaii.

"I learned to keep an open mind. To always be positive. To be in every moment and enjoy where I’m at." —Zeke

Every Moment Counts: The Secret To Zeke Lau's Success

Surf and you shall find. Aritz Aranburu front-doors one at Sunset. Jimmy Graham
The methods and the madness of @travisrice are amazing in video — but they’re even better in person. One 13-18 year old kid is going to find that out firsthand via our #YGSNOW contest with @snowboarder. If you want in, post your best clips while tagging @quiksilver and hashtagging #YGSNOW via Instagram. On January 30th, Travis will handpick his 10 faves, and those 10 finalists will have a...
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Young Guns Instagram Contest: Ride with Travis Rice!

Call it risky. Call it bold. Call it insane if you want. @koarothman just calls it home. Pipeline, Christmas day swell.
No swimming. No problem. Consider yourself warned — then sprint paddle out like Kael Walsh