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These kids are under-18 and over-performing. If you want to win $10K and a free trip to Indo browse your way over to quiksilver.com/ygsurf
Lincoln Williams
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Palm trees. Sunshine. Fun waves. What more could you ask for? 60 seconds of Caribbean pleasure with Michael Dunphy.
Christian Neville Boos
Thomas Stamer
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Working with our friends at Repreve, we’re able to turn the bottles you hate into the boardshorts that you love. The process is simple and complex at the same time- check it out below.
Working with our friends at Repreve were able to turn the bottles

How Plastic Bottles Turn Into Boardshorts | Quiksilver

Luke Berry
Serge Leplege
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Is it all-natural? Man-made? Get your answer here!
Is it allnatural Manmade Get your answer here

How The Superbank Works

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So...anyone need a haircut? Leonardo Fioravanti and a VERY close call with Brent Bielmann.
A.j. Lopez
Lincoln Williams
Milton Renan Calderón Silva
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If you listen closely, you'll hear: “Oh my God Jamie” and hooting. If you look, less closely, you'll see Jamie Mitchell on what might just be the World Surf League Big Wave Ride Of The Year. The winner will be announced on April 29 — we'll see what the judges think.
Quentin Pastier
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Play your own tune, carve your own trail. Austen Sweetin and some self-made magic.
Andrew Matthew
Charlie Rowley Sharpe
Matteo Bianchi
Some waves are made of water. Some waves are made of concrete. Watch Zach Miller tear the second kind.

Aibet Tirado Andino
Aleksander Lange
Luiz Felipe Montini
Some waves here are completely un-makable — which doesn’t mean you should try.

Raw style for radical times quiksilver.com/originalcollection
Tatyana Khromova
Jason Penning
Think rivalries are new to surfing? Think again. Here’s Mark Richards with a tale from the surf contest that set us up for the action of today. Some things, like fiery competitiveness, never change. #GenerationsOfQuik

Josh Smith
The real paradise is only a quick paddle away from Surfer’s Paradise.

Full episode of Radical Times on the Gold Coast here: quiksilver.com/radicaltimes-gc
Quentin Marie
Mabel Marsich
Alex Peneau
Standing inside the Burford Blanks factory on the Gold Coast, you get the sense that this place is sacred. This is where surfboards are born.
Standing inside the Burford Blanks factory on the Gold Coast you get

Where Surfboards Are Born | Quiksilver

Scuderia P Ajtru
Shay McGuckin
The Gold Coast ain’t just world-class pointbreaks. There are beachbreaks too! Proof below, the full episode of Radical Times on the Gold Coast here: quiksilver.com/radicaltimes-gc
Our world moves a million miles a minute, spinning at the speed of infinity and never slowing down. You’re here today — fully here, engaged — then you’re gone tomorrow.

This is Gone Tomorrow: Gold Coast. A celebration of the spirit of now.

Get your guide to the Goldy here: quiksilver.com/radicaltimes-gc
Jonathan Frias
Michael Gunner
Alexandre Florentino
So, want to navigate the crowd at one of the world's best waves?
So want to navigate the crowd at one of the world's best waves

Tips: How To Get Waves At The Superbank

Hugo Pons
Waves. Parks. Parties. Wildlife. And wild life. The Gold Coast lives up to its name. Hit the link below to experience it all in the and dig into our Boardrider's Guide to the Goldy.

Darcy Harrison
Mark Aitken
Wesley Backham
"Zeke Lau Is Just What the Tour Needs Right Now" The Inertia

Catherine Curtis Roberts
Pietro Brhn
Zeni Cris
Power surfing. Powder surfing. It's all the same. Bryan Fox demonstrates.
Maurice Go
Jimmy Daniels
Tom Schick
Can’t force style. You either have it or you don’t.

Zac Wightman falls into the former category.
Can’t force style You either have it or you don’t

Zac Wightman: Buttery | Quiksilver

Zac Wightman
Robert Gorbould