Second time I've nearly ended up with snake on my bacon & eggs on toast for breakfast...
Rural Artwork.
The Silo Mural at Coonalpyn, South Australia was completed yesterday.
A stunning start to a misty morning near Texas, Qld.
Jack McCormack, of Leonora station, musters in the Victorian High Country. Photo by Cormac Hanrahan.
Another shot of one of Guido van Helten's murals at #walltowallfestival Winton Wetlands. Photo by Julienne Bowser Photography. Curator: Juddy Roller.
Trouble in a tin
Moon rise where city meets country near Ballarat
A little something to brighten your day ... the dogs of OUTBACK
Storms building at Fullerton NSW... bring on the rainβ›ˆ
Wanted to share this picture I took yesterday of my good friend Jodie at Rawbelle, Qld. My husband and Jodie were practicing cutting out weaners on their horses and I managed to capture this shot of Jodie and her dogs. There is love, loyalty, a country scene and the things we do everyday captured in this picture. This is why I love it so much.
A couple of cheeky bulls munching on the lawn at Mooloo Downs WA
Hey Guys ????
Just wanted to share with you a beautiful photo of my good mate and farmer Hughie from my home town Deniliquin in the Riverina, NSW.

Photo taken by his lovely partner Airlie

Enjoy your day!
A welcome sight in the night
Like if you've been here
Stock saddle buckjump with veteran stockman Stephen Connor on board during the finals of the King of the Ranges Stockman's Challenge at Murrurundi NSW on Sunday
Go you good thing Beau!
One of Australia's most newly married couples, at Australia's most photographed cottage. A place that has featured on the cover of a Midnight Oil Album, some of our greatest tourism ads and now it will hang on the walls of a family home for years to come as a special reminder of two people's incredibly special day.
A little abandoned cottage with loads of meaning to so many.
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With the good wool & lamb prices at present, dual purpose Merino's are a solid investment.

'Merino's Stack Up'.

..... There is always one!...
Quandialla, Central NSW.