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Winner of the high jump at 2.8 metres .wow !! Champion 3 years running - mountain Cattlemans cup Buchan 2017
Maddi decided to help dad do some work on the Cruiser, but it soon got too much for her! A nap in dad's Akubra under the R.M.Williams mudguard should do the trick. Utungun, NSW.
Terry Smith of Scarsdale Station near Broken Hill, NSW, was roped into a recent R.M.Williams catalogue shoot on Outalpa station, SA. We reckon he’s a natural, given how at home he looks in the classic belted drover’s jacket from the new R.M.Williams Autumn/Winter 2017 range.
Its a hard life being a kelpie at shearing time ???????? Parndana, Kangaroo Island
"The more dust on my boots the bigger I smile."
McCoy's Well Station, SA.
The Sorghum is starting to change in the paddocks making for a nice contrast after the sun set last night SEQ
Tina definitely has potential!
New beginnings.
Driving around NSW today I come across this pretty cool sight. The clouds absolutely poured down over these huge hay bale stacks. Hot, humid and a billion flies to help me take the photo.
Who else takes their sheep horse riding? Ganado Greys
Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe New Year from SEQ
The Fencing Team ~ Wyandra Qld
The final day of putting up 44 km of Exclusion Fence on mulga country west of Wyandra. It has been many weeks of very hard and hot slog, but the job is finally finished. Very proud of Jeff and his young team (some were with us for days, others for weeks and Zara the whole time - only missed 2 days!) These young people range in age from 15 to 21. Who says our bush...
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The old stockyards. Tarana, NSW
Frosty the Snowman Aussie Style!!! Proudly made by Nick Pearce MHS HSC student 2016