R U OK Day
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A week to go until we Conquer Kozi with R U OK? ambassador 'Commando' Steve Willis leading the challenge. We can't wait for conversations and congrats at the summit!
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R U OK Day
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This The Awkward Yeti comic shows how people with depression and anxiety can have good and bad days - and why we shouldn't judge.

This Comic Shows the Daily Battle of Someone With Anxiety and Depression

R U OK Day
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Strong and caring connections with friends and family provide a vital safety net to help people cope when life throws a curve ball. So make more time for the people who matter most to you!
R U OK Day
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Conversation tip: People may find it easier to talk when they’re doing something like going for a walk or a ride rather than sitting across a table from you. So try and pick a place where you’re both comfortable to start the conversation.

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R U OK Day
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“It’s important we know and see the signs, aren’t afraid to start the conversation and make sure our loved ones always know that help is available. I believe if we do this we can save lives.”

Daniel Lucas is an R U OK? supporter who recently swam 5KM in the hope it would inspire more life-saving conversations. What a legend!
Let’s be the people that support someone when it rains and not just when it shines
Sandi Schwartz met her two closest friends a few years back when she ran into an acquaintance at a bus stop in Fair Lawn, N.J. Ms. Schwartz’s partner had recently been institutionalized, she told the woman, confessing to loneliness and depression. A stranger sitting at the stop took Ms. Schwartz’s phone number, said she would call — and did.

“I always tell her she saved my life,” Ms. Schwartz...
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Loneliness Can Be Deadly for Elders; Friends Are the Antidote

“If someone’s been bottling things up for a while it can take some time for them to find the words to express how they’re feeling. Give them a moment to gather their thoughts. When they do start talking, don’t feel the need to jump in and problem solve. Sometimes just giving voice to what’s been swimming around in their head helps!”

R U OK? volunteer Al shared his top conversation tip. Find...
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“Until I verbalised it I actually didn’t acknowledge I was having these thoughts. I, at that time 10 years ago, had never heard the word depression or suicide. Even though that’s exactly what I was feeling.” After opening up Adam, a Black Dog Institute volunteer, was able to find the help that was right for him.

Want to help a friend find the support they need? Start a conversation using...
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A conversation can help someone feel supported, connected and show them someone cares.

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This weekend, dig a bit deeper and try to find the story behind the smile.
"’Listening with intent’ is both a commitment and a set of skills. It is a choice to put the wellbeing of another person before your own values and self-interest… Lifeline every day on 2500 calls finds that this simple act -- you before me -- is significantly empowering for people in crisis. It's effective because it cuts through what has sadly become the all-too-common expectation of not...
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Listening Is Not Enough To Mitigate The Malady Of Modernity

Conversation tip: Before you start the conversation make sure it’s the right time for both of you. A good headspace, a willingness to listen, and some time to spare are all essential ingredients when asking “are you ok.”

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Ask A Mate | RUOK

Every day's the day to start a conversation. Just ask how they're going, listen without judgement, encourage action and check in again soon.

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"My name is Ray Johnstone. Australian. I'm a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate. My previous mate is now deceased.

"What I want is a fishing mate in a similar position to myself who also wants someone to go fishing with.

"I am willing to share all costs, e.g. petrol, bait, and should you happen to own a boat (I am) willing to pay all ramp fees, but happy if you are also a...
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Great work Australia — Ray’s got fishing mates

“Assumptions will not fix anything, they add zero value to the situation, so avoid them at all costs. If a family member, friend or co-worker appears detached from their usual self, is visibly upset or you know that they are suffering from some form of mental illness, be the one to start the conversation.”

Alex Phillips is an R U OK? supporter and the founder and editor of The Banter Press...
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An Open Letter to the Family, Friends and Co-workers of Those Suffering from Mental Illness

"What R U OK? is about is reaching out and educating people­ around depression... Telling them they can help others in that situation. In my family’s circumstances, we could have benefited from that knowledge. People only really learn about it when it is too late.”

R U OK? Ambassador Travis Collins won three Golden Guitars at the Tamworth Country Music Festival! He also spent the morning...
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Collins pain behind winner smile

“I've lost a few people - both family members and close friends - to suicide. The impact this had on me personally and the people around me, has been devastating. The pain of not knowing; questioning; wondering. I guess that’s what’s made me want to do more...

“I'd like to see people learn to recognise the signs that they might be struggling and to see those signs in their mates as well....
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R U OK? and Australia Day Ambassador shares a message of hope in home town of Katherine

A huge shout-out to our Ambassador Travis Collins who’s nominated for six Golden Guitars at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

You can catch up with Travis this Sunday at Conversations in the Park where he’ll be sharing his tips for starting a conversation with someone you’re worried about. What a legend!
This weekend, make time to reassure those around you.