R U OK Day
03/27/2017 at 02:53. Facebook
Make that call, send that text, start that conversation and help turn someone’s day around.
R U OK Day
03/24/2017 at 00:28. Facebook
“I usually walk away from my public experiences feeling very humiliated. But that day, one stranger changed that feeling. So, dear gentleman security guard, thank you. You didn’t need to ask me if I was OK, but you did. You didn’t need to care, but you did.”

Love this story from Mental Health on The Mighty showing the power of that simple question, “are you ok?”

To the Security Guard Who Asked, 'Are You OK?'

R U OK Day
03/23/2017 at 01:11. Facebook
“Conversations in the park, watching their child run amok on a playground. Nights on the couch with a cider and a boxset of American Horror Story. Or a private conversation at a family dinner – each conversation was different, but at the end of all of them, there was a weight lifted from my shoulders, and the more honest I was, the better I felt.”

Michael Winn is a freelance journalist who...
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Sounding board

When someone shares their struggles, show that you've listened. Try reflecting back what they've said to make sure you’re both on the same page.

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“My own experiences and stories shared in confidence, have shown me how a simple gesture or conversation can really make all the difference to someone in need. Lending a kind ear and a safe place to share thoughts can provide the opportunity for someone to ask for help.”

Caz Parish is an R U OK? supporter who joined our Conquer Kozi challenge to encourage more people to lend an ear to someone...
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Try deepening your conversations to help someone weather the storm.

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Today, say thanks to the legends who asked “are you ok” and helped you through a rough patch or a bad day.
"I had a situation where I had a bad relationship breakdown, two miscarriages, spent all my money on IVF with no luck and was unemployed. It was dark, and that’s when I learnt how important it is to talk to people.”

R U OK? Ambassador Bianca Dye opens up about why she believes conversations can make a difference when you need it most.
Want to help a mate take some action? If you’ve found a particular strategy or health service useful, share it with them. You can say something like: "I wonder if you might find this helpful" or "I've heard this is a good option... maybe it could be one for you?"

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"If you do one thing today, reach out to a someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s withdrawn or acting differently. Drop them a line and ask, “are you ok?” It’s a simple question that too often we hold back.”

Tammy Marshall, is an R U OK? supporter who was part of our Conquer Kozi challenge. Her new challenge is getting people to ask R U OK? every day of the year.
When someone’s upset or feeling down talking things through with a person they trust can make a difference.
“I found myself waking up at 4:30 - 5 o’clock in the morning, getting up and running and just beasting myself. It was something I could control and it was a way in which I could beat myself up."

R U OK? Ambassador Commando Steve shares a story from his past which motivates him to ask the question every day.
Ask the question. Listen without judgement.

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Show others they’re not alone. Start a conversation.
Did you know? Loneliness doesn’t depend on how many friends or relationships you have. It depends on whether you feel emotionally and/or socially disconnected from those around you. So even when someone has lots of mates, if they feel they have no one they can share their deepest feelings, thoughts, and experiences with, it can leave them feeling disconnected and alone. That’s why we need to...
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Start the conversation and do these three things: Be yourself. Be a good listener. Be supportive.
“Whatever way you sway, you need to ask your mates, ‘are you ok?’

“That’s why you’ll be seeing me on the R U OK? Mardi Gras float this weekend.”

Steven Oliver Official will be joining fellow R U OK? Ambassador Bianca Dye on our Mardi Gras float this weekend to inspire more life-changing conversations
Emotional pain can be hard to spot and hard to talk about. But if you see one or more of these signs in someone you can make a difference by reaching out and starting a conversation.
“My policy is to cry it out and talk it out - it is the first step to dissolving those feelings of isolation and lightening the burden. The monumental wave of relief that flows from an honest conversation is truly liberating. I’m no longer afraid to share my story, in fact, I consider it the best form of therapy.”

Alex Phillips is an R U OK? supporter and the founder and editor of The Banter...
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A personal account of depression and what you need to remember