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Check out Instagrammer The Hungry Foodie Caterpillar's version of my delicious spring lamb stew from the #littlepariskitchen cookbook. Perfect weekend food to share with special friends!
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Looking for some creative inspiration? A visit to the prop house always does the trick. Team Khoollect are preparing for a fun photoshoot next week!
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Rachel Khoo shares the gifts and thoughtful gestures she appreciated most when she became a new mum. Consider Mother's Day sorted.

Rachel Khoo's tips: 7 gifts for new mums - Khoollect

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Making the most of Munich. Throwback Thursday to exploring one of my favourite German cities and feasting on delicious beer and pretzels.
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After a long and finger-numbing winter, I'm excited to share my seasonal spring menu suggestions on my site today. If you're looking for homemade breakfast options or a dessert to share with friends, look no further! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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My tasty toasts from the #littlepariskitchen cookbook are perfect to share with friends & family as the weather warms up. All you need is a good-quality loaf of bread & some flavourful toppings.
Happy Saturday! Catch up with the #littlepariskitchen on BBC Two at 12pm today. I'm sharing my recipe for iles flottantes, delicately poached meringues served on vanilla custard. Perfect for the weekend.
My top five lipsticks: revealed! From dark evening tones to vibrant summery hues, I’ve got the whole spectrum covered over on Khoollect. Click the link to discover my top choices, and my lipstick tips and tricks. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Throwback Thursday to filming #rkkitchennotebookmelbourne in 2015. I had such fun getting lost in Melbourne’s vibrant laneways and discovering the incredible variety of cafes and restaurants the city had to offer. I can't wait to go back!
Butter, bread and baking! There's an abundance of perfect pastries to choose from in Paris, but lately I've been inspired to bake my own. Head over to my site and discover my baking thoughts and recipes [ Bit.ly Link ]
What are you cooking up for dinner tonight? These sticky beef ribs from #rkkitchennotebook are perfect to share with friends and family. Paired with a fresh and crunchy slaw, you can't go wrong with this one!
Earthy mushrooms paired with a creamy sauce is always a winning combination! Have you tried my peeping mushroom pasta from #rkkitchennotebook? Thanks to Gintare of A House of Lemons blog for snapping a picture of her own version.
It's the weekend! Sit back, relax and watch out for the #littlepariskitchen on BBC Two at 13:00pm today. I'm sharing my delicious recipe for sticky chicken with lavender & lemon glaze.
Only have five minutes to spare? I'm sharing my speedy makeup tutorial on Khoollect today. Find out what products I'm using to get ready in a flash! Click the link for the video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Throwback Thursday to an afternoon of baking my berry tartlets from #rkkitchennotebook. Not only do they look beautiful, the buttery pastry and fresh, seasonal berries are a delicious teatime treat.
We're looking for your advice on how to experience Paris with a buggy. Any suggestions for Khoollect? Thanks in advance!
If there's a rare chance that you're feeling uninspired in The City of Light, simply head out & about you'll find the inspiration you're looking for. Click the link to discover my thoughts on creativity in Paris [ Bit.ly Link ]
Spring is on its way! Say goodbye to heavy winter dishes and have a go at lighter recipes instead. Give my delicious spring lamb stew from the #littlepariskitchen cookbook a go, it's perfect for this in-between weather.
Watch the #littlepariskitchen on BBC Two at 13:00pm today to get my recipe for a delicious goat's cheese, pistachio and prune cake. Have a slice with a side salad for lunch this weekend or bake it as a picnic treat.
In case you missed it, we've made a video of our #AMindfulMoment with Khoollect event. Catch up on the inspiring evening and see what our expert wellness speakers had to say about mindfulness. [ Bit.ly Link ]