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The VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is a simple and cost-effective upgrade for 1.8T and 2.0T EA888 TSI engines with the IHI turbo.

Our VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is a sleek single billet design which replaces the restrictive, power-robbing OEM part with a smooth, turbulence free air path exiting the turbo.

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#R360 19" Alloy Wheels from #RacingLinePerformance. Light, strong and stunning.

For those who use their car regularly on track (but also need to use it on road too), we have developed our #VWR #TrackSport kit as the ultimate track-day suspension kit.

Derived directly from our unique and well-proven VWR Full Race suspension, the TrackSport uses the exact same lightweight shortened damper bodies, coilover rear dampers, plus inverted construction ‘thick-stem’ fronts as...
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Happy weekend, whatever you're driving!

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Unlike most other intakes on the market, we used Computational Fluid Dynamics (known as CFD) throughout the development of our R600 intake.

Clever science? Maybe, but what this image clearly demonstrates even to the untrained eye is how valuable the R600’s twin intakes are to getting the air in, then the importance of the giant, double-sized airbox.

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If you're only going to change one aspect of your car - make it our Sport Springs. Carefully developed for each model to enhance ride, handling and appearance. What could be better?

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Road to Race. #roadtorace #vwr
Our full range of VWR Coilovers come straight from our race experience. That means top quality Monotube motorsport construction, and meticulous attention to detail on perfecting spring and damping rates. Ride and handling like a premium German sportscar!

For Golf 5/6/7, Scirocco, A3/S3, Leon, Octavia etc.
Our new #R360 8.5x19" Alloys. Lighter than stock, stronger than stock, prettier than stock. What's not to like?

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We're hiring!

We're looking for an enthusiastic graduate CAD Design Engineer to join our busy team at the forefront of developing our industry-leading performance parts upgrades. This is a great opportunity to join our team and learn from the best, and hopefully to develop your career further with us as the company and our product range continues to expand.

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Racingline Performance R360 Alloy Wheels never fail to turn heads. Even the boxes they are packaged in are works of art. A huge hit with VWG enthusiasts, it's no surprise we keep having to take delivery of this much stock to keep up with demand! #BornToRaceBuiltforRoad
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NIce install & review video for our Catch Can & Oil Management System from our friends at Deutsche Auto Parts. Well worth giving these guys a follow for their great films on all matters VAG tuning.

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Ever wonder how much difference our VWR Turbo 90 makes to 2.0 TSI EA888 engines? Well, this Superflow bench test shows it dramatically. Blue line is stock elbow, orange line is our Turbo 90.

Better air flow more throughout, barely losing pressure over time, straight into your turbo. An essential mod for power.

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Welcome to our #R360 19" alloy wheels. In the perfect size and offset for your VWG car. Quality matters, lightness matters. And all UK-made.

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Another VWR Oil Catch Tank & Oil Management System being fitted by Racingline HongKong on an Audi S3, complete with Remote Washer Refill kit.

Not all catch cans are created equal!

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Attention Golf 7 / Audi S3 / Leon Cupra owners. This is a thing.

These MQB 2.0T AE888 cars used hard on track can do this after long, high-G braking (as the owner of this Golf found out to his cost).

Our VWR Oil Catch Tank & Oil Management System is the ultimate oil separating catch can system. Unlike rivals, we've developed a sophisticated network of internal baffles and used our track &...
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We're super excited to announce a major partnership between Racingline Performance and the Audi R8 1:1 team. We have no less an objective than winning the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) Unlimited Class this October in Sydney, Australia along with RacingLine Australia. The mighty Audi R8 1:1 will run in full RacingLine Performance livery for the 2017 campaign.

The 1:1 in the team name...
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Exciting news coming soon. Like, 1300hp exciting.
It's all about the details. And that extends to your engine bay.

Now available from Racingline Performance; the VWR Billet Engine Oil Filler Cap and VWR Billet Oil Dipstick, representing stylish, straightforward and cost-effective upgrades to any 1.8 or 2.0 TSI MQB platform vehicle.

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