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QUIZ TIME - You're driving Vehicle A in a 60km/h zone on a multi-lane road. It changes to single lane and you need to merge with other traffic. There are no line markings. Who must you give way to?

a) Vehicle B
b) Vehicle C
c) None - they give way to you.

We'll post the answer this afternoon!
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Have you ever gone out of your way to stay at a child-free resort? Tell us why, and if the price-tag was worth it! #RACQCommunity #RACQTravel
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Seems about right! Share with someone who's dog is master of the household:) #RACQPet
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Wonder if #MumsTaxi is next in the firing line? #CanWeGetALift

Court case might push up cost of an Uber ride

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Snap poll! How well do you know your neighbours?

a) Not at all - just a nod over the fence!
b) Reasonably well - we're on a first name basis.
c) Very well - we look out for each other, collect mail on holidays, etc.

#RACQHomeInsurance #RACQCommunity
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Nothing beats a movie under the stars on a warm Brisbane night with your best mates and your favourite beverage.

Did you know RACQ members can get Moonlight Cinema tickets for just $13.50!

[ Racq.com Link ]
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#DidYouKnow red light cameras usually take two images? One when the vehicle is just behind the stop line and another once you're in the intersection. #RACQCommunity
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Ouch – new RACQ finance research shows the average cost of sending a kid to public high school this year will set you back at least $1100.

Ipads, school sport and uniforms are some of the big ticket items. Does this surprise you? #RACQFinance
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#QuizTime Does a Police Officer's direction overrule stop and Give Way signs?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Yes, only at Give Way signs
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"When I left the army I said to myself I'll start with RACQ until I find something better. It's been 20 yrs and I can't find any job that beats it." - Simon McClelland, Road Service Delivery. #HumansOfRACQ
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Cairns and Townsville residents will have more choice of transport from next month - Uber has announced they're coming to town! Will you give it a go? #RACQ
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We stood up and said enough is enough! Great to hear the Qld Government has responded to our calls to take these offensive, sexist and misogynistic slogans off our roads #PeoplePower #RACQadvocacy

Offensive Wicked Campers vehicles face de-registration on Queensland roads

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Green really IS the colour of envy! Last year green small and medium cars and SUVs were the most likely to be stolen, and when it came to large cars and sports cars, black was the most coveted by thieves. #KeepYourKeysClose #RACQ [ Goo.gl Link ]
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#ALERT: Seven babies have been rescued from locked cars in the past three hours alone - which is double the daily average!

If you find yourself in this situation call for help straight away, we'll be there as soon as we can.
Roses are red, violets are blue
If you break down, we’ll rescue you
#ValentinesDay #RACQ
Did the previous owners of your second-hand car leave anything behind? #RACQ
Victoria Police may soon be able to test for driver fatigue by tracking eye movements, including the duration of blinks and how eyes scan the road. What percentage of the Qld road toll do you think can be attributed to fatigue? #RACQsafety
We can relate! What did you find daunting when you first learnt to drive? #RACQmotoring
Look how quickly it takes for temps to soar inside this car during the #QldHeatwave! #SafetyFirst