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#RateYourself – on a scale on 1 to 10 how good are you at parking?
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The Government must rule out banning regular unleaded - if it goes ahead with its plan motorists will be forced to buy premium costing them $10 a tank more at the bowser. #RACQFuel

Government set to ban sale of unleaded 91

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#WARNING: Holden Commodores are the hottest target for thieves topping our list of the most stolen cars in Queensland. Tag a mate who drives one to help spread the word!

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Do you find using GPS has made you better or worse at navigating the streets? #WhereAmI

Using GPS Devices May Switch Off Your Brain's GPS

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What's the strangest thing you've seen stop traffic?

Zombies ready to take over Toowoomba

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The top 20 happiest countries in the world have been announced. How many have you visited? #RACQTravel

The happiest country in the world is Norway, but Australia's not far behind

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We earlier asked, when do you need to turn your high beam lights off?

#QuizTime Answer: You must not have your headlights on high beam if another vehicle is closer than 200m.

Were you correct?
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#QuizTime: You must not have your headlights on high beam if another vehicle is closer than:
a) 50m
b) 100m
c) 150m
d) 200m

We'll post the answer this afternoon!
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A house at Kangaroo Point sold for $18.48 million last week. Where in Queensland would you buy if you had a spare $18 million? #RACQFinance #TellEmTheyreDreamin

Take a look inside the biggest deals chalked up in the past five years

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Sick patients and carers will be spared nearly $200 a week in long-term parking fees at NSW public hospitals.

Should this be introduced in Queensland too?

Hospital car parking concessions coming to NSW

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Using only four words, tell us why you love driving holidays.
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Quiz time! Between which years did the Queensland driver licence come into effect for private motorists?
a) 1900 - 1909
b) 1910 - 1919
c) 1920 - 1929
d) 1930 - 1939.
We’ll post the answer later today!
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Wild weather rolling into Brisbane Airport.

Stay safe on the roads!

#RACQ #BneWeather
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Could it be the luck of the Irish?

This morning on her daily commute, our employee Kelley spotted flames beneath a Brisbane home. She stopped and, together with another motorist, managed to call 000 and get the residents out of bed and to safety. The fire brigade arrived shortly after the call to control the fire.

Given there was a gas bottle near the fire, things could have been much...
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Happy #StPatricksDay!
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A reminder if it's flooded, forget it! #RACQ LifeFlight has winched a man to safety who was trapped on the top of his truck for more than 14 hours after entering floodwaters.
#TellUs - what was your first car?
Demand action from your local MP and help save this vital road safety program! #keys2drive

Help save keys2drive, and help save lives

Have you ever spotted a croc in the wild? #RACQCommunity #Queenslander

Swim spot included in croc plan