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When protesters refused to disperse, police shot them with rubber bullets.

As Many As 10 Myanmar Villagers Injured in Shooting at Letpadaung Cooper Mine
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Observers say appointing a president is an internal affair for parties and the Ministry of Interior has no right to rule on the matter.

Cambodia Deems Opposition Leadership Illegitimate for ‘Violating’ Party By-Laws
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WATCH: Chinese police used pepper spray and tear gas in a clash with land protesters. At least seven people were injured when residents of Shangqiu, Henan province protested the demolition of their village.
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Most of the 37,000-strong crowd at Changsha's Helong stadium were Chinese supporters displaying nationalist slogans, though around 100 South Korean fans turned up and were surrounded by enough police to give each fan his own personal bodyguard.

Chinese Beat South Koreans at Soccer Amid Huge Tide of Nationalism
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On the list of goods are fertilizer, exercise equipment, and farm equipment.

North Korean Authorities Shake Down Travelers to China For Bribes
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Kem Ley's supporters and civil society organizations demand an independent inquiry into the case, citing an inadequate investigation by the court.

Cambodia Court Sentences Former Soldier to Life for Murder of Analyst Kem Ley
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WATCH: The killer of a Cambodian government critic is sentenced to life in prison. Oeuth Aung is the only person authorities arrested after political analyst Kem Ley was shot in broad daylight last July in a Phnom Penh convenience store.
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The judge said Kim Sok might commit the same crime if freed, which assumes he committed a crime in the first place.

Cambodia Appeals Court Denial of Bail ‘Flawed’: Jailed Political Analyst’s Lawyer
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Phan Kim Khanh and Bui Hieu Vo are bagged for posting online content authorities described as "fabricated and malicious" and aimed at "spreading propaganda" against Vietnam.

Vietnamese Authorities Arrest Two Bloggers For ‘Spreading Propaganda Against The State’
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WATCH: Citizen video shows a chemical spill after a truck skidded off the road in a Tibetan-populated area of northwest China’s Qinghai province. The truck was carrying a chemical used for smelting ore in nearby mines. Tibetan witnesses told RFA that the spill affected streams used by local residents for drinking.
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Myanmar religious authorities banned an ultranationalist Buddhist leader from giving public sermons for one year due to him repeatedly raising hate speech and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Buddhist Authorities in Myanmar Warn Outspoken Monk to Adhere to Ban on Public Sermons
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Activists in exile say the move is part of a bid to strip away the land rights of indigenous Mongolians, as authorities detain protesting herders and permit majority Han Chinese to mine the region.

Ethnic Mongolian Herders Protest Lack of Compensation For Grazing Ban
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Dargye’s family and classmates at Kirti monastery told RFA they are concerned the repeated thrashings will kill him.

Detained Tibetan Monk Reported in Critical Condition After Torture, Beatings
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Burmese soldiers are bulldozing refugee homes in Kachin State, prompting internally displaced residents to seek justice from a state lawmaker.

Local Militia Expels Myanmar Internal Refugees From Land in Kachin State
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“Change commune chiefs who serve the party and replace them with commune chiefs who serve the people!" The ruling party has threatened the opposition with a lawsuit over this popular slogan as elections approach.

Cambodia’s Opposition Awaits Court Ruling on Campaign Slogan
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Pema Gyaltsen’s was the first self-immolation of 2017 by a Tibetan living in China and is the 147th since the wave of fiery protests began in 2009.

Nearly Two Hundred Detained Following Self-Immolation in Kardze
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WATCH: There’s an effort to rehabilitate elephants in Cambodia. Poachers have slaughtered large numbers of the animals, putting them on the verge of extinction.
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Sociologists cite reports of police brutality and a sense of disillusionment after the Occupy Central movement failed to bring about fully democratic elections in Hong Kong.

Three Jailed For Three Years Apiece Over Hong Kong's 'Fishball Revolution'
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Want to earn some cold hard cash? Try informing on your Uyghur neighbors in China's Xinjiang region...

Xinjiang Authorities Reward Residents for ‘Tips on Terrorism’
Chinese envoy stepped into the ring by hosting peace talks with armed ethnic groups fighting the Myanmar army to discuss the Sino-Burmese refugee crisis and stopping further deadly clashes along the border.

Myanmar Ethnic Militias Meet With Chinese Envoy to Discuss Kokang Conflict