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“South Koreans have come to the painful realization that the hard core of their industrial base is also the origin of their endemic political corruption.”

A Reporter Looks Back: Seoul Then and Now
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Prison sentences for social media posts have become increasingly common in Cambodia as the Hun Sen-dominated government attempts to muzzle dissent.

Jail Term Handed to Cambodian Man for Facebook Threat to Hun Sen
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Ongoing skirmishes in Kachin and Shan states in the country’s north have threatened to derail the peace process.

Ethnic Militias Decide Not to Sign Myanmar Government’s Cease-fire Agreement
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Alleged verbal abuse directed toward the Hong Kong police does not compare to the suffering of Jews in World War 2.

Hong Kong Pro-Police Rally Sparks Backlash Over Holocaust Remarks
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WATCH: High in the misty hills of southwestern China, an hour's hike from any road, a group of 18 families living inside an enormous natural cave are unsure about how a new cable-car will affect their peaceful lives.
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The court reached a guilty verdict against land activist Tep Vanny with no witnesses presented by the prosecution.

Demonstrators Attacked as Cambodian Court Convicts Prominent Activist
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Multiple North Korean suspects and the use of a deadly chemical weapons agent appear to support claims of a state sponsored assassination, but Malaysian officials could not confirm Pyongyang's involvement.

VX Nerve Agent Found on Kim Jong Nam’s Face: Malaysian Test Results
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WATCH: Scuffles erupt as a Phnom Penh court jails a prominent land activist. Tep Vanny came to prominence for leading protests after authorities evicted residents from a Phnom Penh community to make way for a luxury real estate development project.
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Will tensions over Kim Jong Nam's murder cost North Korea one of its only friends in the international community?

Row Over Kim Death Tests Limits of Malaysia-North Korea Ties
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WATCH: Army veterans have staged a protest in China’s Capital, Beijing. They’re calling on President Xi Jinping to address their grievances over unpaid pension, healthcare and other benefits.
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The half-brother of Kim Jong Un did not die of a heart attack and his body showed no puncture wounds, but laboratory test results are needed to establish a cause of death.

Malaysia: Health Officials Rule Out Heart Attack, Puncture Wounds in Kim Death
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According to China state media, about 40% of North Korea's foreign currency is said to be earned from coal imports to China, which has suspended all coal imports from North Korea for the remainder of 2017.

Chinese Media Denies Coal Import Ban Linked to Kim Death
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WATCH: Myanmar’s swordsmiths are carrying on a tradition that goes back to the ancient days of tribal chiefs. Blades from the Shan state village of Hamngai are famous for being light and easy to handle.
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North Korea accused Malaysia of "trying to conceal something" and "colluding with the hostile forces” over the case.

Four North Korean Suspects Fled Malaysia After Kim Killing: Police
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A Guma county official told RFA that Uyghurs will still be required to work during floods “under the forced labor and charitable labor category.”

For Xinjiang’s Uyghurs, ‘Hashar’ by Any Other Name Still Means Forced Labor
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The suspected assassination of the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has helped thrust the hermit kingdom and its secretive first family back into the limelight.

Interview: ‘I Feel Like These Possibilities Are Gone Because Kim Jong Nam Lost His Life’
Zhu Xiaoyan told RFA that her 65-year-old brother was severely beaten by prison guards on Feb. 11, to the point where he lost consciousness and his blood pressure rose to 230 over 120.

'My Brother Has Been Appallingly Treated'
A young Tibetan protester detained last month in southwestern China’s Sichuan province is still missing after more than 40 days in custody.

Tibetan Protester Detained, Missing in Serthar
Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim-majority Indian state, but rightwing and Hindu nationalist parties, including the ruling BJP, claim refugees in the region are a national security threat.

India: Rohingya and Bangladeshis Living in Jammu Fear Expulsion
WATCH: Cambodian authorities have arrested a political analyst for defaming Prime Minister Hun Sen. Kim Sok faces up to two years in prison.