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Here's a tip... Never go to Spookers on Acid!

Go behind the scenes of Spookers with new kiwi doco
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One kid is loving feeding the Llamas... the other is shitting his pants!

Llama & toddler go head to head at Tennessee Safari Park
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This actually looks pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Watch the first official trailer for 'Justice League'
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Some people just want to watch the world burn!

Watch the world's most unsatisfying video ever made
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Another outstanding piece of work from Scotty J Stevenson!
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Have you heard the latest tune from TOM LARK called "Donna Graduates" yet? Thanks to NZ On Air Music #LocalsOnly

Tom Lark - Donna Graduates
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This could be the only thing that could help Jason Hoyte with his Darts game...

Guy builds amazing automatic dartboard
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Wait until you see Matt & Jerry in the world's most punishing suits...
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Has Abe from Whakamana, Abe from Whakamana, Abe from Whakamana joined the Nelson Police?

Police car in Nelson snapped with whakamana plant on dashboard
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Beaches are running out of Sand. To help, DB Export is turning empty bottles into a sand substitute. DB Export Beer Bottle Sand can be used in roading, concrete, construction and Radio Hauraki golf bunkers.
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Gorillaz are back! Check out the six-minute Jamie Hewlett-directed epic animated film, featuring four new tracks

Watch the animated film featuring four new Gorillaz tracks
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Here's Jeremy Wells with commentary of today's Topic de Jour Gunieas. Will '10 Cups Of Goon', 'Dublin Choke' or the favourite 'Chuck A Quokka' take out the victory?
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"Country" is always a dangerous word to say on live TV...

Matty McLean drops two C-Bombs live on Breakfast
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Watch this little kid humiliate a couple of useless ground security!

Young Spanish football fan side steps two security guards to meet his hero
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Presenting the creepiest video you'll watch today... Literally!

Watch President Putin covering Radiohead's "Creep"
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We never noticed this the first time we watched Scary Movie... GIDDDAAAAYYYYYY MMMAAAAATTTTEEE!!!