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This guy goes full Kenny Powers in his pre-game speech and it's OUTSTANDING!!!

WATCH: Little kid's baseball coach gives super emotional pre-game speech
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Heading along to the Blackcaps vs Australia Chappell Hadlee ODI Series? You NEED to pick up some of these!

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A-MAZ-ING!!! These guys could probably do a competition paint drying contest and make it sound exciting

Japanese commentators need to do all sports!!!
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Minimum wage gets a raise!
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Tobias Fünke may have been responsible for this...

The BBC just called Nigel Farage an "Analcyst"
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Someone has created a super meme of Donald Trump singing along to 3 Doors Down playing at terrible cover "All Star"

WATCH: Here's Donald Trump singing Smash Mouth "All Star" at his Inauguration
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The players, refs, cameraman and possibly even the commentators forgot what they were doing for a moment

WATCH: Lady with massive cleavage distracts everyone at NBA game
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Welcome back Japsie & the Wounder!
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The long awaited return of your favourite HBO show is almost here. Oh yeah and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is also coming back...

WATCH: John Oliver argues with Larry David to tease his return
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Go real deep on how Louis CK tells a hilarious joke about destroying his 6 year old in Monopoly

Here's step by step how Louis CK tells a joke
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Not long now until Guns N' Roses bring their 'Not In This Lifetime' tour to our shores! Stay tuned to Hauraki all this week for your chance to win FREE tickets!

Guns N' Roses 'Not In This Lifetime’ Tour Live In NZ
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Need an upgrade on your phone? Take part in the Radio Hauraki Music Jury, tell us your thoughts on the tunes we play and you could score a brand new iPhone 7!

Radio Hauraki Music Jury
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Check out footage of the set featuring "Like A Stone", "Show Me How To Live" and "Cochise"

Watch Audioslave play their first gig in 12 years at the Anti-Inaugural Ball