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A secret to happiness in life is letting every situation be what it is, not what you think it should be. Saturday night walk with my homies. Loving the beach life, finally I am free & happy
Check out the view from my new situation! It's going to be a fun summer
Pizza what's your favourite flavour??
Im so lucky that I'm able to endorse a brand that I would use even if I wasn't sponsored! My Protein literally has everything you could ever need including these cute lunch boxes available in different sizes. Their range is massive & continues to grow everyday! If you haven't checked out their products, I fully recommend you do! and remember to use the code CHASE20 for a 15% discount ✌
I love it when life works with you not against you, I love that Im constantly opening new doors that lead down different paths that have different choices & different outcomes.

My curiosity for life keeps makes everyday an adventure, living life to the fullest, no regrets β˜€
Decide what you want, believe you will get it, live as though you already have it. The law of attraction
Both Jax & Kingston were consistent at keeping me awake through the night so this morning I was planning on heading back to bed once Carlos & Dior had gone off to school & the babies had gone back to sleep. I did not expect to get a call from school asking to come & pick up our cat from the school office because he had to walked the kids right to their classrooms! Turned my tiredness into...
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House of leaders ✌
Queen of Queens
Just wanted to post an update to where I'm at with my training. I'm finding it really hard to get to the gym more than twice a week lately, not due to lack of motivation, I'm just super busy with Jax & Kingston and although I'm pretty good at juggling sometimes no matter how good you are, all the balls don't always stay in the air!

Luckily I'm very much a go with the flow kind of person...
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Just a bit of morning motivation for my friends that need a kick in the butt to do some exercise today ✌
Lazy Sunday morning with these 2 beauties~ Dior-Rose and Jax
My training DVD is still available to download straight to the device of your choice! It's quick and so easy! Here you can follow my advice about training & nutrition. Download now for only $9.95! Click on the link below now! :)

Raechelle Chase - IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, Fitness Model & TV Presenter

Look in the mirror, that's your competition %
Family is everything~ in the end nothing else matters except to love & to be loved. ❀