RAF Recruitment
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Into your sports and fitness? You'll fit right in with the RAF: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
RAF Recruitment
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Our mission: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
RAF Recruitment
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Find your new role with the RAF.

From pilots to engineers, HR to chefs - each role makes what the RAF does, happen: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
RAF Recruitment
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Had a good weekend? Why not make more of your spare time and become a Reserve in the RAF? [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
RAF Recruitment
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Here's everything you need to know about the application process for the RAF: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
All work and no play? Not in the RAF: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
Did you know RAF apprentices earn more than apprentices on civilian programmes? Find out more: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
Our mission: [ Raf.mod.uk Link ]
There are a wide range of trades in the RAF that require you to take the Airman Selection Test (AST). Try our practice test here:


The RAF relies upon a complex network of communication, radar and information systems around the world.

Cyberspace Communication Specialists are responsible for maintaining and repairing these systems. Join them:

RAF Recruitment | Cyberspace Communication Specialist (formerly ICT Technician)

You could have a hidden ability for intelligence analysis. Take the Sound Skills test now:

RAF Recruitment | Sound Skills

From banquets one day to cooking in the field the next.

Being a chef in the RAF is No Ordinary Job. Find out more:

RAF Recruitment | Chef

The weekend is in sight! Why not make more of your spare time and become a Reserve in the RAF?

Ex-Regulars could also be eligible for a joining bonus. Find out more:

RAF Recruitment | Life As A Reserve

Son, daughter or loved one thinking about joining the RAF? Here's some information for parents and guardians:

RAF Recruitment | Parents & Guardians

Did you know the RAF offer a range of funding and scholarship options?

RAF Recruitment | Education & Funding

Looking at an apprenticeship or know someone who is? The RAF offers 21 Ofsted Outstanding programmes which pay more than civilian apprenticeships. Find out more:

RAF Recruitment | Careers

Do you have previous RAF Service and spare time? Would you like to use that spare time to work a couple of days a month on an RAF base?

If so, the Base Support Group (BSG) could be for you.

RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire has been chosen as one of the trial units for the BSG, which will provide a pool of part-time, locally engaged personnel.

To register your interest please contact...
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Find out more why being in the RAF is No Ordinary Job:

No Ordinary Job

The role of a Weapon Systems Operator (WSOp) in the Royal Air Force is challenging and diverse. You will be an integral crew member on transport aircraft, surveillance assets and tactical helicopters, where you will be responsible for a variety of tasks.

Find out everything you need to know about this exciting role by clicking the link below.

[ Raf.mod.uk Link ]

RAF Recruitment | Weapon Systems Operator

Thinking of joining the RAF and want to speak to someone face-to-face?

Our Recruitment Centres are the place to talk about what you're interested in applying for and have your questions answered:

RAF Recruitment | Recruitment Centres