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So I was boarding a plane.....and right there at the plane door three ICE agents conducting random checks on the passengers.
I'm used to CUSTOM agents every now and then conducting surprise checks on ARRIVING passengers from Jamaica. But I've NEVER seen ICE AGENTS checking passengers at the plane door while BOARDING.
And it was a DOMESTIC flight.
Dem a goh haad out deh......
Wait deh....... Gully Bop get a yute???
Is this really the same person???
And is it that makeup can really appear to radically change the shape of someone's nose as this???
Ka Ka Klaat!!!
Ladies talk up!!!!!
Undocumented mother of two children born here in the US made a routine visit to USCIS (Immigration) and was immediately deported. CNN reports

Mom's deportation ignites controversy
[ Cnn.com Link ]

Mom's deportation ignites controversy - CNN Video

Democrats, advocates question ICE enforcement raids after hundreds of arrests
[ Cnn.com Link ]

Democrats, advocates question ICE enforcement raids

ICE is aggressively conducting raids for undocumented immigrants and quickly deporting them. It is not only undocumented immigrants with serious criminal offenses that are being deported - many with minor misdemeanors and no offenses have also been sent back to their original countries.
The raids are conducted at traffic stops, places of employment, homes, etc.
Sanctuary Cities are...
View details ⇨

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states

Unu tell mi.....a di Ras a goh loo......or KFC is just that good???
Dis damn crasses parrot doe!!! Mi woulda neva want it a mi yaad..... cause govament Children Services woulda mus come deh come lock mi up caa dem HEAR mi a abuse likkle pickney!!!