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Tamfammers....these are the ONLY numbers you should use to Call-to-Listen Tambourine Radio.

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Many thanks.
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Fram wa day happiness increase to anneda level wid di gena. Everyting a bay ramping an laughing......
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KJ christening today.....
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This certainly brings back Jamaican memories.....having that long bamboo stick, or a sturdy long stick with the carefully crafted wire at the top that allowed us to pick fruits way up in the trees....fruits like mangos and akee - and yes akee IS a fruit!
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DOWNLOAD the UPGRADED Tambourine Radio apps (and for those who asked, RAGASHANTI LIVE is now on Wednesdays to Fridays 1 pm to 5 pm (EST).

The UPGRADED apps are vastly improved in performamce. The ability to "rewind" during any show is presently only abailable on the Apple (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

The pics here show the appearance of the UPGRADED apps on the Android and Apple platforms.

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Facebook promoting their virtual reality technology. It's incredible!! You put on the goggles and headphones and, through virtual reality, you're transported to places all over the world....in motion.....you can even turn and view different parts of the location where you are.... It shot! Facebook naa play.
CANADA number now active!!!

ONLY these numbers should be used to listen Tambourine Radio.
Southside Atlanta Explosion!!!

Mi a Cross bout fi Wreck di place!!!!
Damn!! A who mek dis???
Y'all ramp too rough yow....
There are indeed serious concerns with Hillary Clinton.....however to believe that her blotches come anywhere close to the proven vile nature of Trump is categorically preposterous - in particular given his brazen sexism and racism. Additionally, the argument that Hillary is playing the "gender card" when she highlights that if she wins it would be a significant accomplishment in breaking the...
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Wen mi likkle bit mi mada neva have it atall. Life did rough. Nuff hungry days me, mi mada an mi sista go tru. But even inna di midst a hardships mi did find fun...but my fun, for example, was mi did glad wen rain fall...caa mi an mi fren dem goh mek board horse outa ply wood an race dem inna di gutta rain wata pon di street. Or big tings did a gwaan fi wi if wi get fi mek a skate wid cut-up...
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As man di makeup ting a nuh my ting....but I posted a pic of this makeup expert @colorblockingqueen_pinky and am now compelled to do so again with these three examples of her work. Her artistry is simply exceptional!
......adding to her mystique are the facts of her being Trinidadian and Muslim.
An to di man dem....unu nuh badda try run een...she's happily married with three kids.