Raghav Juyal
03/26/2017 at 07:06. Facebook
Raghav Juyal
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Haan bhi badmaaas, @ishanbhandari90 Our Bhaiyas camps they are still building these camps for season , soon it will be open for people
Do visit soon
It's 45 min above Mussoorie
Raghav Juyal
03/24/2017 at 09:16. Facebook
Haha chaddis 2
This was always my fav bunking spot ,this stream plays a big part in my life for making me the human I am ,
This is how we lived nd this is how we grew up the flow and the river teaches u a lot respect nature @ivanshu_k
Raghav Juyal
03/20/2017 at 13:32. Facebook
Raghav Juyal
03/19/2017 at 11:39. Facebook
My portrait pic is after we tracked Himalaya for 2 days
So it's 1m on insta and u would have been waiting for a pic in which m posing as if I'm gonna conquer the world or I would be doing a humble namaste to show how thankful I am , but I would love to show this pic on my (1m insta following ) post celebration , becoz there's no use of me conquering the world if it is getting destroyed during...
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Raghav Juyal
03/19/2017 at 09:41. Facebook
Raghav Juyal
03/19/2017 at 08:09. Facebook
They woke me up while I was sleeping , for a picture
Bada's first annual showcase ????????????badaboom
Wethe people
With my award winning actor
Learning so much from life ,acting is one of them instagram.com/p/BRn3IKAh4IE/
Miss those days
Who m I in front of her , I want everyone to know about IROM SHARMILA who has been my inspiration nd who has made me stronger in life
First of all i am no one to tell how women should get liberated that's totally their choice , In this society I see men try to tell people how women should fight for their freedom , dear stupid men please don't try to show yor dominance here too .So as a man I...
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Heavy year , this year , heavy year , work work work 24 hours ,if I was from Mumbai I would have said feeling blessed as for people here work is god nd professionalism is spirituality , but I would love to say that after this year I swere I will be back as the original Raghav , nd will spend more time with the birds nd flowers of Himalayas I miss being a traveller nd a cloudwalker , I'll be...
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When people gets to know yor hotel instagram.com/p/BRNLvPyhI-6/
Go old school go local