Trump's first Secretary of Labor nominee, fast food CEO Andy Puzder, went down in flames. Today, Trump's #2 pick, Alexander Acosta faces tough questions in his nomination hearing. Watch Live. #AskAcosta
Breaking: Illinois launches push for $15 minimum wage for 2.3 million workers. Sign [ Link ]
Minimum wage increases are changing our neighbor's lives. Keep fighting!
Here's a formula that works. Pay people more $ and people have more $ to spend. Dozens of new bars and restaurants opening in Seattle proving that $15 is stimulating the economy.

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Dozens of new restaurants and bars opening in the Seattle area — get excited
Millions are seeing bigger paychecks this year because we have demanded it.
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A Higher Minimum Wage in 2017
Breaking: Missouri Supreme Court Upholds St. Louis minimum wage increase!
The system is broken.
Raising the minimum wage would help working women and kids the most.
Wrong: Montana House has PASSED a bill to exclude workers from the min wage.

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Paul Ryan's budget would raise taxes on the middle class and working class while giving tax breaks to the wealthy. It's wrong and he's wrong for cancelling town halls to avoid the people. UltraViolet took the fight to his doorstep in Janesville, WI.
America's leading economist, Kim Kardashian, posted this on snapchat. Anytime she wants to take a shift as an EMT or teach school for a day or roof a house for a day or work the grill at McDonald's for a day she would be welcome. How many of you wouldn't mind trading jobs and checks with Kim?
The absolute worst thing that could happen wages in this country is national "Right to Work" legislation, killing good union jobs. The bill has been introduced. Sign Now to tell Congress "Hell No!" [ Link ]
Explain to us how the state of Iowa telling cities and counties they can't improve the lives of workers is ok. This robs all the workers who won $15 in one of Iowa's largest counties. Mean-spirited politics. We should be better than this.

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Local smackdown: GOP bill would freeze Iowa minimum wage at $7.25, ban city, county increases
Maybe they don't want us voting.
1 month in. Only 47 months to go...
83% of apartments currently under construction are unaffordable for people making less than $75,000 per year.

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So it's President's Day...
Fact: 70% of the U.S. economy is domestic consumer spending. Raising wages, drives business.
63 percent of Americans say they're unable to handle a $500 car repair or a $1,000 emergency room bill.

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Most Americans can't handle a $500 surprise bill