Anushka Sharma shares her mobile number so that her fans can message her on WhatsApp..

Main toh abhi ke abhi message kar raha.. Tum sab bhi number dekho and message karo Anushka ko..

Anushka Sharma Just Shared Her Mobile Number! Now You Can Talk To Her On WhatsApp
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This "Mirchiwali" is as hot as a "Mirchi"...

Iski 2nd pic dekho toh sahi.. You will go out of control..

Forget Chaiwala Or Sabziwali, Meet This Hot "Mirchiwali" From China! She Has Got Killing Looks....
Bas wahi toh hai.

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This psychological thriller featuring Riya Sen is must watch for youngsters..

This Short Film Featuring Riya Sen Shows True Face Of The Cruel World In Which We Are Living
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Bada mazza aayega!
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Mother with 2 daughters created ruckus & damaged the mobile showroom because of this reason..

Mother With 2 Daughters Created Ruckus & Vandalized A Delhi Mobile Showroom! Video Went Viral
EPIC Necklace surprise!
I have eaten in this famous restaurant so many times and I bet even you must have eaten here..

Video dekh ke toh ulti aa rahi hai.. Yukkk! How can they do this?

Eww! This Famous Delhi Restaurant’s Worker Is Preparing Dough With Feet! Watch The Viral Video
Love for GOD!
Ohh teri. Khatarnaak sign hai.
Satya Vachan! #BadrinathKiDulhania
Everyone is sharing pics of new Rs 1000 notes..

But wait! Read the truth behind this news..

Rs 1000 New Note Picture Goes Viral On WhatsApp & Facebook. Know The Truth Behind It!
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MS Dhoni!
Kya haal ho gya hai demonetisation ke baad.. Ab SBI ATM se bhi fake notes dispense ho rahe hain..

Be careful guys while collecting money from ATMs..

SBI ATM Dispenses Fake Notes From Children Bank Of India! You'll Be Shocked To See The Similarity!