Gonna break all records!
This is hilarious!
Bahut dukh hota hai.
Crush ka msg!
Bach gaya Career!
Shaun Tait gets Indian citizenship..

Meet his wife Mashoom Singha & check out pics...

Shaun Tait Gets Indian Citizenship! Meet His Wife Mashoom Singha & Check Out Pics!

Dear Kapil Sharma!
Salman Bhai.
Bewde Dost Ka Pappu Kaam Karna Band Kar Deta Hai... :P

What Happens Then Is Pure Hilarious.. 3:)
Usually people avoid accepting strangers' friend requests on Facebook, but this girl went ahead and accepted one.. What happened next is simply amazing..

Ladkiyo ye story padh ke hi seekh lo kuch and friend requests accept kar liya karo..

This Girl Accepted A Random Facebook Friend Request! What Happened Next Is So Amazing

Seedhi baat!
Bas aur jhoot nahi.
Boys at night!
Pahadi girls are the best..

Bas koi aise hi Pahadi ladki mil jaaye toh life set ho jaayegi!!

11 Reasons Why You Must Date a Pahadi Girl!!

Aur bhi velle hai.
Anyone else who is Cheetah?
Aakhir ladke hi kyun?
This girl married 11 men and the reason will change your thoughts about getting married...

This Girl Married Not 1 Not 2 But 11 Men! What She Did With Them Is Beyond Your Imagination!