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"भंग रगड़ कै पिया करूँ, मैं कुंडी सोटे आला सूँ।" #Throwback #MahaShivaratri की शुभकामनाएँ #Shanker #LordShiva #LaalRang
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"We" can't set the #women free, they already are women's inner desires are #ForbiddenNoMore #MTVBigF MTV India
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Our 14th hero, Karimul Haque also known as #AmbulanceDada, has been providing free-of-cost ambulance service in his village. Truly inspired by this! Watch the video to know more. #HeroesWithoutMakeup
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A journey that stayed with me. Hope it stayed with you too #Veera #Mahabir #love #AliaBhatt Imtiaz Ali #3YearsOfHighway
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The Bspca Mumbai invites you to a day filled with fun, food and furry friends at the #WoofsandHoofsCarnivalandFundraiser on the 25th February, 2017 from 4 - 8 PM at the #RWITC

Event link : [ Facebook.com Link ]
Celebrating royalty & history at The Imperial, New Delhi in a Sarab Khanijou. A place of great inspiration for #BattleOfSaragarhi
Stumbled upon the 13th hero in our #HeroesWithoutMakeup series, courtesy : Bajaj V's "Invincible Indians" campaign. Medicine Baba's story is truly inspiring. He certainly proves that age is just a number! I have so many medicines lying around at home. I'm sure all of us have. Let's send them to this man through his website and make his great mission a greater success.. Watch the video to know...
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The tragedy of being #Haryanvi that's why #NonHaryanvis are safer #HappyValentinesDay #ValentinesDay #Valentines

"This is #Haryana. Here before you fall in love you have to check on your's, your mother's and your paternal grandmother's Surname"
Ruling fiercely independent and all equal among themselves #Jat tribes, in the times of #Afghan #Maratha wars could've only be done by someone with great tact, benevolence, courage #MaharajaSurajMal
Give it up for our 12th hero Temsutula Imsong, the founder of Sakaar, who is also the inspiration for a clean India! Watch the video to know more. Visit their website : #HeroesWithoutMakeup
Picked up the gloves after 1.5 years of playing #MMA fighter in #DLKK Do Lafzon Ki Kahani but now as #Sikh #WarriorSaints Khalsa Aid #Seva Ravi Singh Inch By Inch - The Body Temple
It's actually that simple ..
Remembering Choudhary #DhajjaRam on his 114th birth anniversary .. A social reformer and a pioneer in taking quality education to rural #Haryana #JantaButana
This week we bring you the story of the mountain man who made it his mission to clean and heal the Himalayas. Meet Pradeep Sangwan, the 11th lead in our #HeroesWithoutMakeUp series Healing Himalayas Foundation. Take a look at his website to know about his noble cause: healinghimalayas.org
किसान की ज़मीन गिरवी होकर भी किसान की ही रहेगी:क़ानून बनाने वाले हिंदू-मुस्लमान एकता के प्रतीक,दीनबंधू चौधरी #ChotuRam की जयंती पर नमन।।

Made the law that Farmer's land even on mortgage will remain his.Crusader of Hindu-Muslim unity, Messiah of the poor Choudhary #ChotuRam birth anniversary