the london tube and a warm drink to me through it
thanks for picking this t-shirt for me jellybean
i rarely appreciate flowers but my mum bought me these when she was visiting this weekend so i think they're pretty
oh to be able to go outside without a jacket and multiple layers
i'm waiting for it, that green light
that time me and my sister stole a shopping cart and had a little photoshoot
DOLLAR STORE vs. POUND SHOP now live on my youtube channel, link in my bio โœจ
new video trying american vs. british mc donald's food

[ Link ]
take me back to a few weeks ago in los angeles please
today was probably the coldest day in london in a while, i actually can't wait for spring and summer and be able to wear t-shirts and wake up with actual sunlight and fall asleep with the window half open because the air outside is so inviting. but for now big coats will do the job
pie on my face challenge [ Link ]

i am replying to every single comment right now

#ad #ChupaAirheads Chupa Chups Airheads!
usually this would be my best moments of the year but considering we are talking about 2016, it's more of a less shitty moments. thank you for always being here, what an honour to let you peek into my life
merry christmas from the gomes wishing you and your loved ones much happiness and love โคโค
3, 2, 1, open presents
when the sunset is beautiful but you don't look your best