Lindo ver a minha cidade reconhecida mais uma vez.
Portuense orgulhoso carago. Porto

Lovely to see my city recognized once again. Porto
Parabéns meu grande e eterno Amor... os anos passam e eu não consigo deixar-te em paz, eu sei que sou chato e repetitivo mas continuo viciado em ti!!! "De tudo o que amo és tu o que mais me apaixona."
Welcome, Nephew. You just arrived and you already have things from your uncle... Thank you sister, for making me wait loooooong time inside the maternity to meet my beautiful nephew, were 25 hours of pure emotion, anxiety, stress and lots of happiness. #happyuncle #proudbrother #BeTheBoss

Bem vindo Sobrinho. Acabaste de chegar e já tens coisas do teu tio... Obrigado mana, por me fazeres...
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No words to say, in shock. #reina #istanbul #turkey
Sad day for football. #ForçaChape
Great player, captain and teammate. Good luck in your next step. #Gerrard

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The beard signifies the courageous, the beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active, the vigorous.

So that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.
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No Shave November
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When in doubt, wear a Metallica t-shirt
For me, Everyday is a Beard Day. #WorldBeardDay
Amazing moment!
Summer Vibes
I would like to thank all of the people at Fenerbahçe club. Management, staff, teammates, friends and most importantly YOU! The blue and yellow army .

It is not easy to leave all of the amazing people here who gave me an incredible support and some unforgettable moments during the past 4 years, but sometimes a change is needed! I realized it's time for a new challenge at a new place in my...
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Hi World!
Champions of Europe / Somos Campeões !! #PORTUGAL
Quem é que nós somos? Portugal! Portugal! PORTUGAL!

We are PORTUGAL and we are ready for the FINAL! #ForcaPortugal
Vacation with the family.