What does your child need as he/she grows up to be someone who will make you proud ? The child needs the right friends, the right mentors, the right places to travel to, the right stimulants to his fertile mind. The child will also need something that will make him world ready. And if you think of what is that something that will give our children all of the above? [ 427 more words ]

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To get your child to think out of the box, first get him/her inside the box : the ENCHANTICO box

Folks, presenting to you NEVER GONE by Anusha Subramanian. Dharini and I are extremely thrilled to see her mature as a writer under the able guidance of Sudeshna Shome Ghosh (earlier) and Hemali Sodhi now. A big thank you to Nimmi Chacko, who patiently (& brilliantly) worked with Anusha on the book. At 16, Anusha Subramanian is apparently the youngest author Penguin has signed up in India. I...
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A Sneak peek at what Enchantico subscribers got in August... You can subscribe at [ S.ripl.com Link ]
Here is a sneak peak into the Enchantico Boxes that were sent out to subscribers in August. Enchantico : The best gift for your child. You can order your own enchantico box here : Enchantico box for age group : 5-6 Years Contents of the Enchantico August Box for Children aged 5-6 The blue eyed Mouse and the Green Eyed Mouse- Bob Gill… [ 272 more words ]

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Enchantico : August Boxes

If there is one thing I am sincerely thankful to God for, it is the fact that my daughter Anusha is a voracious reader. I meet a lot of people who bemoan the fact that their children don't read and they don't know what to do to encourage the habit of reading in a child. Great leaders have often been seen to be voracious readers. [ 644 more words ]

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For parents of children who read and also for those who don’t!

Reposting a post from 2013... so relevant even today. Yesterday I was asked a very interesting question by Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, a friend. It was about my daughter Anusha. “How did you get Anusha to become such a voracious reader?” she asked me. I didn’t have an answer. Honestly if I look back at the last 13 years of Anusha’s life, the only thing that Dharini (my wife) and I did was...
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How do we get our children to read?

Bring back the love of reading in our children... Subscribe to the Enchantico book subscription box today


DECADE OF MADNESS : If God was a Banker enters its tenth year today... thereby marking the beginning of my tenth year as a published author... 8 books ... What a journey it has been! It has given me so much love, recognition, friends... and that too in an ecosystem completely different from my work space. I have learnt so much. It made me realise that corporate success does not necessarily...
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I thought acting was easy.... and then I did this. Changed my perspective completely. Learnt two things that day
1) Acting is indeed one of the most difficult professions and
2) Authors are terrible actors.

Here is the latest Kindle promo featuring yours truly. #ReadingShouldNeverStop
The right time to read THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE is now. Order right here : [ Amazon.in Link ] Connect with me on Instagram @ravisubramanian70
The right time to read THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE is now. Order right here : [ Amazon.in Link ] Connect with me on Instagram @ravisubramanian70
The right time to read THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE is now. Order right here : [ Amazon.in Link ] Connect with me on Instagram @ravisubramanian70
Friends in Indore! looking forward to meeting all you guys on Tuesday.
Reader's Paradise in association with Govt. Ahilya Central Library - Indore invite you to the launch of my book 'The Bestseller She Wrote .. on Tuesday, 23rd Feb at 5:30 PM.
Venue: Pritam Lal Dua hall, Regal Square, Safed Kothi, M G Road, Indore
Friends in Chennai, please do come to Phoenix Market City, Velachery on Friday ... at 6.30 PM... Lets gossip about THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE and talk about books, writing... etc... most importantly, lets have some fun. :)

The Bestseller She Wrote : Book Launch in Chennai in association with The Hindu Lit for Life

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Come over.... Let's have some fun tomorrow at Crossword Bookstores Ltd. Kemps Corner ... 6.00pm onwards
Had a great time today at the Crime Writers Festival in Delhi ... Met some old friends, made some new ones.
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THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE is the 4th best selling book in fiction category on Flipkart in whole of 2015.... and to think of it...it has been on sale only from October 19th. Am super thrilled!!! Have you read it yet?