Ravinder Singh
02/18/2017 at 06:53. Facebook
Thanks for sharing your views with me Gauri. You made my day. I am sharing your thoughts on my page.
30 mins FB live tomorrow from Penguin India FB page 11:30am. Look forward to take questions from my readers.
11th Feb | Crossword Bookstore | 12:30 pm
Do come and please do share.
Loved your view. Sharing it with others.
Azeem, I am glad that you liked Naina and Manvika's conversation the most in this book. That was the part, I spent lots of time at (while writing). Sharing your post here on my page.
Glad you loved reading it Shubham. At the moment, I will have to leave your questions unanswered. I can't tell you how much I want to answer them, but when time comes...Lots of love.
Looks like you have so much to say Piyali. I am happy to know that you loved it so much. Sharing your thoughts with my readers here.
Glad that you loved it Sahely. Sharing your views with my readers. And because you said you are from Kolkata, let me tell you I will be there tomorrow for a session at Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet. Do join.
I met Siva at The Hindu Lit for Life where he had come to attend my session. Unfortunately, Siva can't see. Yet, he buys all my books. He then makes his friends read them and records their voice. He can listen to them whenever he wants. He recited me his most favourite line from #ITooHadALoveStory ("She died. I survived. And because I survived, I died every day) I am so blessed to find so much...
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Thanks for sharing your views with me Apeksha. I am glad everyone is finding the conversation between Naina and Manvika this interesting. These conversations are the very central idea of this book and I am so happy that people are talking about it. Sharing your views with others...
My readers at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival
Enjoyed signing all the books they got along with them.
Glad to know that you loved this book Shubham. Sharing your views on my page.
Thanks for your views on this book Shahiba. Sharing the same on my page.
CHENNAI readers,
I will be speaking at The Hindu Lit for Life on 16th Jan (Monday)
Venue: Lady Andal School, The Hindu Pavilion
Time: 12:30 pm
Entry free! Do come!
#TheReunion this time was adventurous. We (Happy, Manpreet, Amardeep & I) skydived in Sydney. Here's my dive video.
I am coming to #NewDelhiWorldBookFair on 12th Jan, Thursday, 5 pm. Hall 11, PenguinRandomHouse stall 483-522
#Reunion (cont...previous post)
We tried our hands at new things.
#Reunion (cont...previous post)
And the next day Happy joined us in Australia. (That's our group at the Great Ocean Road)

We drove about 1000 kms from Sydney to Great ocean road via Melbourne.
#Reunion (cont...previous post)
We caught Amardeep and took him along with us to Australia. That's us in a plane in Hyderabad (in first pic) and is having breakfast in Sydney (in second). This is where Happy was supposed to join us...