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Ray Charles
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"I didn't plan on making a killing on the country stuff. . . I only wanted to take country songs and sing them my way." ~ Ray Charles

Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Ray Charles
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“These record people saw that I was developing and that I needed space to find myself.” ~ Ray Charles

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Ray Charles
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In 2004, Ray sang with Bonnie Raitt on his triple-platinum, Grammy Award-winning album, "Genius Loves Company". "He's the most influential, I think, of anyone I can point to." ~ Bonnie Raitt

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In 1978, Ray's autobiography, "Brother Ray", was a national best-seller!

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Today we pay tribute to Oklahoma native, Leon Russell – one of the greatest songwriters, producers and music performers of our time. Ray won a Grammy Award for his moving rendition of Leon’s classic, “A SONG FOR YOU”. We will remember you and your music, Leon... always.❤❤❤

CLICK HERE for more on Leon Russell: [ Nyti.ms Link ]
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A Song For You by Ray Charles

Ray Charles / A Song For You - Lyrics - ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- I've been so many places in my life and time I've...

Laughter is good for the soul:)

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"And don't you ever wonder - What became of all the time
And darlin' do I ever, ever cross your mind?"
~ Ray Charles

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Did you know Ray Charles played a mean sax?
Check him out here! (Live in Brazil, 1963) [ Bit.ly Link ]

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In 1975, Ray was presented with The National Association of Sickle Cell Disease’s first “Man of Distinction Award” for his involvement with sickle cell disease programs. Feel the love ❤

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Ray said, "When an entertainer lasts 30 years, he owes the public something decent." You delivered, Ray.... man, did you deliver!

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#FlashbackFriday In 2002, Ray Charles was the first major concert performer to achieve 10,000 concerts!!!

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#FlashbackFriday 1953 - 1955 – Ray put together his very first band in Texas; a 7-piece with piano, bass, drums and horns. He said, "I created sounds which, people told me afterward, had never been created before."

If you could travel back in time with Ray on his tour bus, to experience a moment of his extraordinary life. . . where would you like to go?

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"Playing with Ray Charles is like dying and going to heaven." ~ BB King

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Ray said that his music was "familiar" and "natural" to him, because it was who he was. How has Ray inspired you to be true to yourself?

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My favorite song on Ray's "The Atlantic Years" 7LP box set is_____?

1) Hallelujah I Love Her So* 2) l’ve Got a Woman* 3) The Right Time*

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Ray Charles paved the way for current Soul/R&B artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd. Ray said, "You can't fake the feeling." Soul music requires "pure heart singing". So true, Ray:)

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#FlashbackFriday What's the story on Ray Charles' iconic #sunglasses?
Check it out here!!! [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Atlantic Years in Mono, now available as a stunning 7LP box set. Order yours here! [ Smarturl.it Link ]

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Cheers to you and your music and for the many ways you've taught us to love, laugh and be the best we can be. Forever and always...❤❤❤

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