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Ray Charles
01/16/2017 at 19:55. Facebook
Today we celebrate the life and achievements of Ray's beloved friend Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a vision of peace, hope and love to us all. We will remember you... always. ❤❤❤

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Video - Martin Luther King Jr. - HISTORY.com

Ray Charles
01/14/2017 at 19:21. Facebook
In 1999, Ray received his “Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters” from Wilberforce Univeristy, Ohio in recognition for his achievements in the humanities and creative arts. Way to go Ray!

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Ray Charles
01/13/2017 at 18:47. Facebook
"In the early days, many of the dives where we had gigs were just too rough to tame. All you could was play and pray." ~ Ray Charles

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"Nobody could possibly love Ray Charles as much as I do."
~ Michael McDonald ('HEY GIRL' [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Ray loved to fly the open skies and explore the exciting world around him. What new adventures will you pursue in 2017? ✈

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation #NewYearsResolutions
May 2017 fill your hearts and lives with joy, peace, and love. ☀
~ The Ray Charles Foundation ❤❤❤

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation #NewYears
On December 31st, 1966, Ray Charles and his orchestra were bringin' the house down at Seattle, Washington's City Center Arena. How will you celebrate the New Year's Eve?

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation #NewYearsEveParty
May your day be merry and bright. . . and filled with love.❤❤❤

~ From all of us at the Ray Charles Foundation
#Christmas #RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation

CLICK HERE to listen to 'Merry Christmas Baby' [ Bit.ly Link ]

#RayCharlesFoundation #RayCharles #ChristmasEve ☃
Ray Charles entertained us like no one else!

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation
CLICK HERE [ Bit.ly Link ] to listen Ray Charles and Natalie Cole give a red-hot "Genius Loves Company" performance of 'FEVER'!

SHARE it with the one you love! ❤❤❤

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When Ray was young, he was taught to play piano with one hand while reading braille music with the other. So to make things easier... he decided to memorize songs!

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation
TRIVIA: In the 1980 John Landis-directed, musical crime comedy, "The Blues Brothers", Ray says to do the "Duck" and the "Monkey". Can you name ALL the dance moves? CLICK HERE [ Bit.ly Link ] for a clue!

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'YOU WERE THERE' (Ray and Gladys Knight) [ Bit.ly Link ]

SHARE this tender "thank you" with those that love you.❤❤❤

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"I didn't plan on making a killing on the country stuff. . . I only wanted to take country songs and sing them my way." ~ Ray Charles

Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation
“These record people saw that I was developing and that I needed space to find myself.” ~ Ray Charles

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation
In 2004, Ray sang with Bonnie Raitt on his triple-platinum, Grammy Award-winning album, "Genius Loves Company". "He's the most influential, I think, of anyone I can point to." ~ Bonnie Raitt

#RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation Bonnie Raitt
In 1978, Ray's autobiography, "Brother Ray", was a national best-seller!

#BookClub #RayCharles #RayCharlesFoundation
Today we pay tribute to Oklahoma native, Leon Russell – one of the greatest songwriters, producers and music performers of our time. Ray won a Grammy Award for his moving rendition of Leon’s classic, “A SONG FOR YOU”. We will remember you and your music, Leon... always.❤❤❤

CLICK HERE for more on Leon Russell: [ Nyti.ms Link ]
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A Song For You by Ray Charles

Ray Charles / A Song For You - Lyrics - ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- I've been so many places in my life and time I've...

Laughter is good for the soul:)

#LaughterIsTheBestMedicine #RayCharlesFoundation