Rea Garvey
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HQ: Wem am Valentinstag noch nicht warm genug ums Herz geworden ist, der sollte sich vielleicht etwas wärmer anziehen... :D Schon mal an einen kuscheligen Hoodie gedacht? Die Prisma Hoodies gibt es jetzt jedenfalls im Sale ;)

[ Link ]
After 4 nights Sold Out in Hamburg our tour is in full SWING!
Thanks you to an incredible audience.
I love my brothers and I love this show
See you all in Düsseldorf.

God Bless
Rea(Der Irre)
For Translation please go to Michael Mittermeier Xavier Naidoo SashaAliveandSwingin
HQ: Rea fliegt wieder nach Ecuador und hat in seinem Koffer noch Platz für 7 Fragen von euch! Was wolltet ihr von den Einheimischen in Ecuador schon immer wissen? Postet eure Fragen als Kommentar unter dieses Video! :)

Found these on the street and dropped them off with an otherwise empty wallet to this police station! Share this hopefully Gabriel will get his cards back even if he lost the rest! God bless
This was a proud moment!
Thank you Senckenberg for honouring our work at ClearWater
God bless
HQ: Am Samstag wurde in Frankfurt zum dritten Mal der Senckenberg-Preis für besonderen persönlichen Einsatz für den Schutz unserer Natur vergeben. Der Preis in der Kategorie Natur-Engagement 2016 ging an Rea und sein ClearWater-Projekt!

HQ: Danke von ganzem Herzen für Eure Spenden an Reas Stiftung Saving An Angel!

My Friend Mr.HW released his album today and I love him for it!
Long Live the Institution that is Rock & Roll never dies!
God Bless

Henning Wehland - Mein Leben ist der Wahnsinn
Farewell to the Obama family I look forward to seeing what they undertake in the future. All politics aside he struck me as being a Gentleman! God bless
Hello friends in CH Switzerland!
Yannick (in the video) is a guy I met when I came to Germany first! He supported my first shows in pubs bought my cds and was pretty much always in the front row with his beautiful wife! Now it's my turn to return the support!
Please click the link and vote for Yannick he rocks!!
Thank you!
God bless
Hier der Link zum Video: [ Link ]

Abstimmung: Wählen Sie Ihren «Helden des Alltags»
Good to see these boys back in town!! Well worth the ticket! Who knows I might see you there!!
God bless
It's cold out there people!! Snow and minus degrees in Berlin today!There's only one solution "Onesy" thank you erlich-textil there's no time like snowtime!! God bless
Sending you all much love for a great start in 2017!! 2016 had some of the highest highs for me and some of the saddest goodbyes! I think 2017 is gonna be a year of getting out what you put in!! I'm excited about all the new things we will experience and the great moment we will get to share together!! The King is dead long live the King!!
Come on 2017!!

God bless
Happy Christmas Everyone! My wife spotted this Banksy in Bethlehem so we jumped out of the cab to take pictures! This is my hope for the future!
Disarm the hate make love not war
Old School New School
I loved 2016 even though it sometimes hurt I can't wait for 2017 the year of the New Born!
I hope you are happy where ever you are with those you love
See you all in the New Year!
We will...
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Its on right now!! Happy Christmas from Bethlehem!!
God Bless
HQ: Last minute Weihnachtsgeschenk gefällig? Wie wäre es mit einem unvergesslichen Konzert? ;)

23.06.2017 / München / Tollwood Festival
24.06.2017 / Leipzig / Get Loud Open Air
01.07.2017 / Stuttgart / Get Loud Open Air
22.07.2017 / Emmendingen / I EM Music
04.08.2017 / Enderndorf / Brombachsee Open Air
05.08.2017 / Uelzen / Neue Töne Festival
13.08.2017 / Aschaffenburg / AKF
25.08.2017 /...
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Rea Garvey - Get Loud Open Air Tour 2017
To all my friends I am safe with my family in Ireland and not in Berlin to all my friends in Berlin I hope you are safe. Be Strong Berlin
God bless us all
This is a friend of mine and the first thing that dawned on me after seeing this was how important it is to do things you love that make your life magnificent!! It's difficult to ignore the problems of the world and it is important not to ignore them but just as important as the lives of others is your own life! Live it Love it and make it massive!!
Thanks Tilo for the video!
Hope you're all...
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Crazy cyclist at Drachenkopf

WTF???????????????? What is this guy doing at the mountain top in winter on a road bike?