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03/23/2017 at 22:45. Facebook
Always getting beaten at Scrabble? Let's check in with RD's Louise Waterson to pick up some gaming tips… [ Link ]

Louise Waterson, Reader's Digest Magazine - The Morning Mix -
Reader's Digest Asia
03/22/2017 at 22:45. Facebook
Sick of getting poor customer service? See RD's Louise Waterson on Sunrise discussing how to get what you paid for. [ Link ]
All You Need to Know About Insulin: How a medical breakthrough saved countless lives: [ Link ]

All You Need to Know About Insulin
Is the odour from your mouth leaving a bad first impression? Here's how to say goodbye to bad breath: [ Link ]

Say Goodbye to Bad Breath
If you thought vinyl was dead, think again. We may be in the middle of a true Vinyl Revival: [ Link ]

The King of Vinyl
It's after 11! Time to listen in on RD's Louise Waterson on good ways to stay true to your personal values. Enjoy! [ Link ]

How to stay true to your values - The Morning Mix -
#ArmchairTravel Take a journey with Reader's Digest to lovely Honolulu... [ Link ]

The Other Honolulu
Given zero odds of survival, baby Austin was cuddled by his parents, who waited for the end. And waited. And waited… [ Link ]

11 Hours in Room 407
A new tool for treating strokes called "Mr Clean" is saving lives. And it was invented totally by accident. [ Link ]

Unlocking Paralysis
The End of Parking: could ride-sharing and robocars make our cities greener and our lives less chaotic? [ Link ]

The End of Parking
It's Monday! Time to listen in on RD's Louise Waterson discussing the mysterious (and scientific) reasons Why We Cry [ Link ]

Why you shouldn't be down about crying! - The Morning Mix -
Ever done the Kokoda Track? If you haven't, read this gripping and emotional tale to feel like you're halfway there. [ Link ]

Journey Through Kokoda
Do the Right Thing: How to make choices that reflect your values. [ Link ]

Do the Right Thing
Even if you’ve used cosmetics for years problem free one or more ingredients can still trigger an allergic reaction. [ Link ]

7 Ways to Prevent Make-Up Allergies
Don't get angry: tune in to hear our own Louise Waterson discussing anger management techniques instead! [ Link ]

How to better manage your anger - The Morning Mix -
When it's hot outside but it's still snowing on your shoulders, it might be time to take action. Here's how: [ Link ]

How to Get Rid of Dandruff
Don't just stand there. If someone faints in front of you, here's what you should know how to do: [ Link ]

What to Do When Someone Faints
Having trouble winning at Scrabble? Not for long. Follow these tips to stop getting trounced: [ Link ]
Creative? Conservative? Close to death? All is revealed by the character of your dreams. Find out what yours mean: [ Link ]
Hear Reader's Digest's Louise Waterson on Sydney radio discussing smart ways to banish bad smells from your home! [ Link ]