As the go-to destination for Tinseltown's big budget productions, Canada has always been ready for its close-up—even when it's doubling for another location!

10 Famous Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed in Canada
Did you know that lawyer jokes are so old they can be found in the works of Shakespeare?

And Justice for All: 20 Funniest Lawyer Jokes Ever
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After a win against Denmark, Canada will face Russia in the 1-2 Page playoff game on Friday at the Women's Curling Championship in Beijing.

Team Canada completes perfect round robin at women’s curling worlds | Toronto Star
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Reminder: Some chores can take care of themselves while you snooze.

Quick Cleaning Tips: 9 Ways to Clean While You Sleep
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The capital of Manitoba is an overlooked gem that sparkles with a lively arts scene, destination eateries, and some of the best people in the Great White North!

50 Things to See and Do in Winnipeg
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As drought conditions are reported throughout East Africa, World Water Day feels more timely than ever. Here are five facts about water consumption around the world.

5 Things To Know About Water Consumption for World Water Day
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Our spring cleaning checklist is the only one you'll need this year!

8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips You'll Be Glad You Tried
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Heated seats for the perfect climate. Standard heated SofTex®-trimmed front seats mean the 2017 Toyota RAV4 is built for comfort in cold temperatures.
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It may be second nature to stash just about anything in the fridge, but this produce actually stays fresher at room temperature.

How to Keep Food Fresh Longer: 5 Foods That Hate the Fridge
Intelligence may be somewhat innate, but wisdom can most certainly be learned. Here's how to wise up at any age!

Wisdom vs. Intelligence: 6 Healthy Brain Habits of the Wisest People
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World Down Syndrome Day is all about recognizing how unique those with the condition are, and plays a vital role in reducing stigma.

Inspirational disability quotes and images to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day
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Preparing a tax return after retirement seems more complicated than it was when you were in the workforce. But have no fear—these smart income tax tips for seniors should help steer you through tax season.

Income Tax for Seniors: 5 Smart Strategies
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The worst place to have your wireless router? in the kitchen. Metal appliances can disrupt its signal.

6 Best Ways to Use Every Room In Your House, According to Science
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These sayings will bring your next speech from "meh" to "memorable."

Public Speaking Tips: 7 Phrases That Make You a Better Speaker
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"Whether we win $500 million or $1 million, about 70 per cent of us lose or spend all our money in five years or less."

The Not-So Sweet Life: 13 Secrets of Lottery Winners
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Making a point of eating foods that control migraines while avoiding the foods that trigger them may reduce the number—and intensity—of headaches you get.

The Migraine Diet: 5 Healthy Foods that Control Migraines
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In need of some much-needed catharsis? Check out these tearjerkers!

10 Best Tearjerker Movies for When You Need a Good Cry
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We've rounded up the seven best medical discoveries from around the world for March and April of 2017!

Reader's Digest Health Report: March and April 2017
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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn—the ways to connect with others on social media are limitless, but don't let your online life negatively impact your real life. Here's what not to do.

9 Social Media Mistakes You're Probably Making All the Time
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The late John Lennon once said, "If you gave rock 'n' roll another name, it would be Chuck Berry."

Chuck Berry, the man who 'started rock and roll,' dead at 90