Military families can find the homebuying process daunting. These proud veteran homeowners shared their experience to help:

The Veterans United Homeowner Community
On Real Estate Today Radio, I discussed why VA Loans are a great option for veterans, and how agents like you can help military buyers by asking if they've served. Give this a listen at the 45-minute mark.

Mortgages 2017 – Why Choose a VA Loan?
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When veterans want to buy a home, they ask: “How much can I borrow with a VA Loan?” Click the link to help them find the answer.

How Much You Can Borrow With a VA Loan
When working with military buyers, you'd better understand a few things about military service and life.

Military Service 101 For Real Estate Agents
Happy #ValentinesDay! As a veteran-friendly agent, you can help dreams come true, like this Valentine's surprise from Army Maj. Stan Young to his wife.
Condo living can be very appealing to veterans, and the VA Loan can help them buy one to suit their needs with $0 down.

How to Use Your VA Loan Benefit to Buy a Condo
The VA Loan is a tremendous benefit for those who've served. See how it could help your military homebuyers:

10 Things You Should Know About VA Loans
Our friends at say 2017 is the year to buy before it's too late. Do you agree with these reasons?

3 Crucial Reasons to Buy a Home Before 2017 Ends
The VA Loan limit has gone up for the first time in a decade. Make sure your military homebuyers hear the good news!

2017 VA Loan Limits - Changes Explained
Wondering what lenders expect from VA Loan applicants? These questions will definitely pop up, so help your clients be prepared!

4 Credit Questions VA Lenders Will Ask
Appraisal issues can cause headaches for homebuyers and their agents, but these tips can help you tackle them:

How to Handle Common VA Appraisal Problems
Selling a home in winter can be a bit more challenging, but there's no need to panic if you have these tips:

5 Tips for Selling a Home In Winter
Want to show veterans and military families in your community that you care? Share this post to spread the word about the Sweetstakes!

Enter the Veterans United $4,000 Sweetstakes!
Do you know how appraisers determine a home's value?

The VA Appraisal Formula in Four Steps
Veterans are using VA Home Loans like never before. See why VA Loans Insider Chris Birk doesn't expect that to change anytime soon:

VA Loans a Model of Stability in Mortgage Industry
Do you and the military homebuyers you work with know the many benefits of VA Loans?

10 Things Veterans Should Know About VA Loans
As a veteran-friendly agent, you'll work with military spouses a lot. Make sure they have the resources they need. #NationalSpousesDay

Homebuying Resources & Advice Military Spouses
Being an agent veterans and military families want to work with starts with one simple question: Did you serve? Click below to learn more.

Resources for Agents Serving Military Homebuyers
Realtor Magazine says these are the top challenges homebuyers will face in 2017. Do you agree? How will you help?

The Big Challenges Home Buyers Face in 2017