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Advocates of ever increasing spending will never meet a cut they won't overreact to.

Tax and spending cuts are either too small or too big, but never just right
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As millennials' misadventures in youthful entitlement and narcissism dwindle, may your place as a scapegoat for societal fears about sex, technology, and general change shine bright.

Welcome to Adulthood: Gen Z Turns 18.
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John Stossel: Why do politicians always assume that government spending helps people? It always has unintended consequences.

Hacking away at the budget is the humane thing to do
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Apparently most folks would be nicer to each other.

How would you behave if the world was ending?
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We're about to find out if animated images can be classified as "deadly weapons."

Is that GIF you’re about to post on Twitter a ‘deadly weapon’?
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It's not the bakers who are waging "economic war" against the people of Venezuela. It's the government.

Venezuela arrests bakers for making rolls, claims they were waging 'economic war' against country
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Six professors at Wellesley College sent an email to members of campus imploring the community not to invite controversial speakers who might upset certain students—speakers like Professor Laura Kipnis, the noted critic (and victim) of the Title IX bureaucracy.

Wellesley College professors say offensive speakers 'harm' students and shouldn't be invited
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The courts are not supposed to "help" President Trump. In fact, they are supposed to hinder him, to the extent that his policies conflict with the law.

Neil Gorsuch Calls Donald Trump's attacks on judges 'disheartening' and 'demoralizing'
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"Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life," Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared last week. The main problem with that message: It isn't true.

Jeff Sessions' terrible truth about drugs is a lie
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GOP holdouts on health care are being told they must vote for the bill, but they are being given no good policy reason to do so.

Republicans aren’t even bothering to defend their health care bill on the merits
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Governor Chris Christie has paid more than three decades of New Jersey's pension bills in just eight years, and yet he's still only halfway to breaking even.

In his last budget, Chris Christie continues to show what not to do with pensions
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"We're using the rhetoric of cuts, and fiscal responsibility, and Republicans pairing things down to the bone for a budget that's not actually smaller than its predecessors."

Donald Trump's fantasy world (Reason Podcast)
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It certainly seems that the long-term risks of ketamine therapy, regardless of how severe they may be, are preferable to the short-term risk of a successful suicide attempt.

American Psychiatric Association says ketamine can treat depression, but don't expect FDA approval
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The legislature passed the same bill last year, but the governor vetoed it. If at first you don't succeed ...

Pennsylvania House passes bill to hide cops’ names after shootings
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Spinning scheduling conflicts and routine foreign trips for a secretary of state as part of some imagined Trump-Putin connection is particularly irresponsible for anyone who says they support international engagement over unnecessary conflict.

Concern over Rex Tillerson skipping NATO meeting misplaced