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"All the worry in the world doesn't prevent death. It prevents life."

This school project sets parents free
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If equal time is required for every viewpoint expressed on a poster, or if public schools must be made safe spaces from any form of expression with even a tangential political point of view, that could potentially create more problems than it solves.

Public school bans pro-diversity posters to avoid offending pro-Trump snowflakes
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The dissenters argued: "In concluding that the Second Amendment does not even apply, the majority has gone to greater lengths than any other court to eviscerate the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms."

4th Circuit upholds Maryland's "assault weapon" ban
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John Stossel: "The press is depressingly shallow. They blow up little things, speculate about conspiracies and constantly obsess about "who's winning?" Offensive remarks are taken out of context and amplified. Days later, it's forgotten and the media move on to the next sensational accusation."

Fake news, misleading news, click-bait and the media's biases
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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit overturned a Florida law that tried to stop doctors from pestering their patients about guns, sacrificing the First Amendment in the name of protecting the Second.

NRA-backed law violates the First Amendment in the name of protecting the Second Amendment
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Hey, it's another "This was happening under Barack Obama, but NOW everybody's freaking out about it," story!

Democratic Senator calls for warrants for tech searches on the border
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Breaking: ACLU Nationwide will file a lawsuit today alleging the Milwaukee Police Department is violating citizens' 4th and 14th Amendment rights by subjecting them to high-volume, baseless searches as part of a stop-and-frisk quota system.

ACLU to file civil rights lawsuit against Milwaukee over stop-and-frisk
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From Bush to Obama to Trump —presidential administrations leak positive news and crackdown on leaks they don't like.

Trump may intensify Obama's selective and hypocritical war on leakers
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A discussion about the future of libertarianism during the Trump presidency.

What's ahead for Reason and libertarianism in the Trump Era?
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Breaking: There are reports of riots in a Stockholm suburb tonight, putting a renewed focus on President Trump's comments about Sweden's immigration policies. Here's a look at violent crime rates in Sweden.

The facts about violent crime and immigration in Sweden
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Not long ago, the world was supposedly running out of oil and the global economy was about to collapse.

Revisiting the dire predictions about "peak oil" and economic collapse
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Feeling anxious? Trouble sleeping? Fighting with family and friends? Doctors say you may be suffering from "Post-Election Stress Disorder."

Experts are now blaming politics for rising anxiety levels
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Are students engaging in more harassment or are administrators defining harassment too broadly?

Michigan State U. bans whiteboards in dorms because people write things on them
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Most libertarians wouldn't claim Milo Yiannopoulos is an adherent to their ideology. You know who else says Milo isn't a libertarian? Well, Milo himself, it turns out.

CPAC organizer tries to pawn off Milo Yiannopoulos as "libertarian"
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If successfully appointed to the 5th Circuit, Texas Justice Don Willett would immediately rank as one of the most libertarian-minded federal judges in the country.

Trump eyes libertarian-minded Texas judge for federal court vacancy
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If Donald J. Trump focuses his energies on dismantling the regulatory state, rather than mandating who should make the steel pipes for the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, he may yet do America a lot of good.

The year 2000 would've been more futuristic with fewer regulations
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Even with the best of intentions, using jails to house the mentally ill is a bad policy. When standards are lacking or staffers don't care about their wards, it can be a deadly one as well.

Cell blocks aren't psych wards