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Don't worry about the people who aren't happy for you. They probably aren't happy for themselves either. #KeepCalm #HealthyOn
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Pic of my refrigerator right now. I know, too much plastic and not enough fruit. The good news is, we recycle. Sadly, this won't last us very long (maybe 3 days)? P.S. You can - and should - store ripe bananas in your fridge to increase the shelf-life. xo, Dana :))
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Buzz Kill. #Houston Health officials want to release genetically modified mosquitoes here in Houston. Tell Harris County health officials, no #GMO mosquitoes. #Zika #Oxitec #Texas
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Health is a relationship between you and your body. #EatClean #TrainMean #LiveGreen
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Society must invest in disease prevention, not just treatment. #invest #health #wellness xo, Dana
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Yeah! :))
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Don't let the weekend become your weak end. Stay true to the #fit game. xo, Dana
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Fall in love with taking care of yourself. xo, Dana #rebelDIETITIAN #StPatricksDay
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Create Your Own Luck. Healthy + Happy St Patrick's Day!! Be safe. xo, Dana :))
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Commit to Fit xo, Dana
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Burn Fat Fast with 10 Simple Tips :)) !!
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Refuse to inherit dysfunction.
Invest in Your Health :)) !!
Put Your Body First !! :))
:)) !!
Generous horse shares his meal with hungry pigeons near Central Park. This video is adorable. Such a kind spirit.. If only humans looked after each other like this.. :)) [ Link ]

Horse Feeds Pigeons Near Trump Tower

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Don't Use Machines, Become One
Thunder Thighs? Honey.. These Are Wonder Thighs. #HappyFriday #GoSquat :))
Yes!! :))