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02/19/2017 at 14:44. Facebook
Build Your Own Nourishment Bowl <3 Superfood Bowls All Day Every Day :)) !!
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#GoTrain :)) !!
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Make Ahead Salad Items - I'm Loving Antioxidants Galore :)) !! #Nutrition
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02/17/2017 at 17:45. Facebook
Don't Forget to Hydrate #DrinkClean
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02/17/2017 at 13:15. Facebook
Time to Rock and Roll :)) !! #HappyFriday
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02/17/2017 at 04:28. Facebook
Love Your Body
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02/16/2017 at 05:01. Facebook
Be tough and get going! :))
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02/15/2017 at 17:07. Facebook
Push Past It :)) !!
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02/15/2017 at 03:40. Facebook
Walk Slow, Never Backwards :)) !!
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02/14/2017 at 20:56. Facebook
Love fit couples!! ❤‼ #Happy #ValentinesDay
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02/14/2017 at 18:48. Facebook
Happy #Valentines Day !! :)) Big Hugs and #RebelLove to All of My Sweet Foodies !! We had a tornado threat here this morning in #Texas. Houston = Crazy weather! Recipe: Overnight soaked chia seed pudding (non-dairy milk and granulated maple sugar), fresh blueberries, strawberries, and apple. XOXO ❤ Dana
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02/14/2017 at 04:05. Facebook
Somebody call 911.. ❤
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02/13/2017 at 03:36. Facebook
Don't forget to love yourself first. ❤ #Valentines
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02/12/2017 at 21:54. Facebook
Yes!! :))
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02/12/2017 at 03:16. Facebook
Keep Moving Forward :)) #EatClean
Keep it real this Valentine's Day.. #MoreLove #LessHate ❤ xo, Dana
Do it for the people who want to see you fail. :)) #HappyFriday #Foodies xo, Dana
Eat Clean Shopping List :)) I left off meat to keep it vegan friendly. You can grab shopping lists and tips lists for meat eaters on my website (I make both, so please don't get too crazy). xo, Dana
Love this..
You don't have to be extreme, just consistent. :)) xo, Dana